Katie Layne Quackenbush: Shameless Self-Promotion During Wave of Media Frenzy of Her Shooting A Homeless Man

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On Wednesday (09/13) Katie Layne Quackenbush took every advantage of the international media hype surrounding her arrest for shooting a homeless man in Nasvhille, TN near Music Row.

On Wednesday, Quackenbush took the time to upload a music video to one of her channels, and it gained nearly 90,000 views in the first 18 hours. She added:


She then linked to several local news outlets that features her father’s narrative, and her ‘single mom’ photos he provided that were many years old, and condemned anyone using the other information and photos as ‘media lies’

Here’s her music video she uploaded:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUl5ukFoUDA[/embedyt]


For those curious, here’s a start of her NSFW Photos that were published on the web


Here is the previous post:

Meet Katie Layne Quackenbush. Have you been hearing things about the white Porsche-SUV driving stripper that shot a man near music row in Nashville, and has been charged with Attempted Murder? Here’s what you won’t see on the local news stations about this Nashville Stripper.

She was a stripper in Denver (where she lived between Texas & Tennessee) at La Boheme Gentlemen’s Cabaret where she and then boyfriend (kind of reddit famous as the cross-dressing prince of /r/opieandanthony) moved into a boiler-room basement as an apartment. Her then boyfriend says that he and his friends were so poor she often referred to them as the ‘N’ word. He says this even is 100% within her character and doesn’t surprise him at all, in a video he posted online on Tuesday.

In case you missed it, her father, Jesse Quackenbush said this bullshit:

“What you have here is a 26-year old woman whose life is basically ruined on an international basis because of knee jerk and hillbilly cops in Nashville that rush to judgment before they even complete their investigation,” 

The former boyfriend/’fiance’ says that when they were engaged Quackenbush got into an altercation with her former roommate, who ended up kicking her out, but Katie Quackenbush still had keys to the apartment. According to the former boyfriend, she went into the apartment of her former roommate, and set her clothes on fire. This all happened in Denver, while Katie had a gig as a professional skier (also referenced in her music quite a bit). A few days later, she had to get her passport for an upcoming ski match in Canada, she had a Cadillac Escalade at the time, so her and the then boyfriend/fiance arrive at the passport office, he waits outside, and after about 10 minutes she comes running out the door, into the SUV and says they have to get out of there quick. It turns out when the passport office ran her information, she had an open warrant for felony arson for setting the ex-roommates clothes on fire in her former apartment while the roommate wasn’t home.

It was at this time that Quackenbush was extremely worried about getting this felony removed from her record and resolved, as she told the boyfriend that she had some form of inheritance or trust, that would be revoked if she had committed serious crimes. Reportedly she was in line to receive more than 2 million at the time, per the ex boyfriend’s account. It is unclear at this time what happened to the status of the charges in Denver.

We should note that several of her adult sex/cam videos and adult photos are online as of the time of publication, but we have chosen to not redistribute those on this site.

Her current neighbor adds: This woman is actually my current next door neighbor! Can’t say I am too surprised by this. She’s also a stripper here. Based on the way I’ve seen her treat her son, dog, boyfriend, and other people this doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve only had a few run ins with her, but she wasn’t a nice person, and I keep my distance. Can’t comment on the daddy’s girl part, as I don’t really know her. But utterly inconsiderate is an appropriate description.

According to the boyfriend, of 1.5 years, her affluent father (a prominent defense attorney in Texas) would give her a monthly stipend for a small allowance, but not enough to party and drink on, so she chose to be a stripper – which reportedly continued once she moved to Nashville.

A friend she grew up with describes her: “Always saw her out drinking and getting tattooed before the age of 18. This is a girl who has a trust fund& can bend any rules she wants. In the span of a year or so she was driving a hearse, becoming a ski instructor in Taos, becoming a female rapper/music video girl, then getting pregnant and having a child. After the boy was born, the relationship with his Father dissolved and she decided to reinvent herself again. All the way to Nashville to become a country star! All of her social media posts were about “F the haters” and being a “bad girl.” I am not exaggerating when I say she had a different boyfriend every few months around her son. She’s not stable.”

Here is the video of the ex-boyfriend telling his story about part of her past:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rklxjDdHSSM[/embedyt]

And then there’s her music career….

Let’s start with her rap career, “Ski Tips up hoes down”:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnMHewMlwk8[/embedyt]

Here are the lyrics….

Yo my name is Katie layne I’m tha numba one queen in da game…I’m self made self paid an I even got ma own range.
I’m reppin stitches promo bitches till tha day that I die all you haters wish ya were with mi cuz Iam so fuckin fly
I’ma independent chick ….I don’t need no mazi mazi but i don’t mind being ya arm candi candi…all these boys tryin to pull down ma panties..they beta forget it because I won’t let em hit it
Cuz bck then hoes didn’t want me know I’m hot hoes all up on me
I’m a bad bitch..double d poppin E …told ya I don’t give a F cuz baby ima g
Tips up hoez down that’s the way we get around…..
Ima a ride er die chick thighs r thick, yup ima rider er die chick but that don t mean I’m jumpin on dick
Smoke like bob marley but I look like fuckin Barbie, yup look like Barbie, smoke like marley…yaaaa rastafari!
Swearvin down tha mountain high as fuck, I’m steady dippin got these park rats fuckin trippin, blunt up in ma mouth powda to ma nose I ain’t talkin bout dat coke shit I be screaming bout dat snow shit!
Tips up hoez down that’s how we get around
So hot these flakes be Meltin, so sexy I got cha sweatin booty bouncing like some kind of gelitan.
You might be a pro at that but baby I’ma pro dis so sit back relax and watch ma tatted up ass go….booomboom
Let’s film it on ya go pro, Watch me ride it like a rodeo, every angle lez go!
Watch me work it out twerk it out, got cha screaming ride me ride me get behind me, hind me.
tips up hoes down that’s the way we get around.
We don’t need know afta bang shit, cuz I like ta hit it n quit it. Sex so good ya can’t fo get it,
Stitches Promo Bitches yup baddest all girl crew!
White girl mob beta watch out cuz we comin for you!

and her ‘Colt 45’ video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUzb5gyPg4I[/embedyt]

Some more words from her ex-boyfriend/fiance: “I was engaged to her about 7 years ago she had an INSANE temper. She once caught her old roommates clothes on fire after getting kicked out and was up on Arson charges. She had my nickname “stinks” tattooed above her left boob” :

Here’s his cover up “katie layne” which was on his chest:

Here’s another pic of them together:

He finished the note with saying she had a “decent amount of plastic surgery since then. anyway i could see this coming id Bet that she did it she had a terrible temper and superiority complex.”

Taken from inside Quackenbushs West Nashville Apartment as a search warrant was being served



According to available information available, Katie Quackenbush has had 2 prior criminal encounters in Texas, on of which was dismissed, and the most recent below, shows as ‘pending’ with a filing date of February of this year. Quackenbush wasarrested in Potter County, Texas, on December 17, 2016, and charged with misdemeanor assault. That case is still pending. From details acquired, Quackenbush was arrested last December for striking a woman in the head with a drinking glass and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Katie Quackenbush is originally from Amarillo, Texas. She has no prior criminal convictions on her record, but was arrested in 2013 on an assault charge in Amarillo.

She was arrested October 3, 2013, by the Amarillo Police Department on a misdemeanor domestic violence-related assault charge. She was released from the Randall County Jail a day later after posting $5,000 bond. Court records on the Randall County website show the case was dismissed by the district attorney in April 2014. She was ordered to pay a $400 attorney fee.


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According to her Linked-In profile, she listed herself as a ‘Recruiting Specialist’ at Sanford Rose Associates, though we were unable to confirm any length of time of this as her employment.

/r/lkgarza commented: “Whoa. I went to middle school and high school with her. She’s always been a terrible person, but I didn’t know she could sink this low. Her dad is a rich lawyer in Amarillo, Texas, and she has the entitled attitude to prove it. Last I heard of her, she was trying to start a rap career—probably financed by her rich dad. I have nothing but terrible memories of her.”

Her father, Jesse Quackenbush, released the following statement, saying his daughter fired two warning shots not meaning to hit Melton.

“The two women were actually acting in self defense. The man was always on his feet and not asleep as someone apparently has alleged and had accosted a group of very young women and nearly became physical with one. He then approached the white Porsche (not Lexis) with two female occupants  and started verbally accosting them threatening them because their music was too loud for him to sleep… The driver fired a round as a warning to scare him away as he came at her. He kept coming and she fired a second round, again intended to scare him away. They quickly got back into the white vehicle and left, not knowing  that the man was hit by the warning shots. Both girls contacted the police and DA shortly after the incident and have always agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation.”

Katie Quackenbush has since posted a $25,000 bond and was released from jail.

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Jesse Quackenbush, Katie’s father, who has been speaking on her behalf, is a prominent criminal defense lawyer in Amarillo.

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqkN59H0FnI[/embedyt]


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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eG8QU3FXLA[/embedyt]


On 08/26/2017 the victim observed a white SUV park in front of 901 19th Ave S. The victim approached the vehicle in regards to the loud music coming from the vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by two females. During the interaction the victim and the driver of the vehicle got into a verbal argument where both parties were yelling at each other. The victim did not impede the defendant’s ability to leave the area. The victim walked away from the vehicle, and returned to the area he was attempting to sleep for the night. The defendant retrieved a handgun from inside the vehicle and exited the driver’s side to walk to the back of her vehicle. Once at the back of her vehicle the defendant observed the victim back on the side walk near the building at 901 19th Ave S the car. A verbal argument began between the two. During this argument the defendant raised her handgun and pointed it in the direction of the victim. The defendant did fire two shots at the victim striking him. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. The passenger of the vehicle identified the defendant as the person who shot the victim. This incident occurred in Nashville Davidson County.

Call / Text Kurt NOW! 615-479-0550

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  1. SpreadingTruth

    Check her out on Southern Fried Bride https://youtu.be/b0mI5HvBu8Q

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  4. I didn’t know they had communists in Tennessee. Very apparently, they do, and they work for the media.
    Consider this: the homeless man was trespassing illegally. Katie was parked legally. The homeless man had no right to tell Katie to move her SUV. It’s highly unlikely Katie’s Porsche SUV was violating emissions laws but the homeless man had not right to enforce smog laws. Katie was parked outside a music hall where the homeless man complained of her loud music. The homeless man was trespassing and had no right to complain about here loud music in any case. The homeless man had threatened other females at the music hall. The homeless man was not begging, as one would expect of a homeless person, he was attempting to control Katie Quackenbush. It’s agreed that the homeless man was arguing with Katie Quackenbush when he had absolutely no right to be there in the first place. That, and his confrontations with other females there, speaks to his aggressive nature. The homeless man wasn’t running away or walking away when he was shot: he was still facing Katie, if not coming at her. Katie says he threatened her, which would be in keeping would be in keeping with reports he threatened other female there. What did the homeless man threaten Katie with? Battery? Sexual assault? It doesn’t matter. It’s still technically assault, according to Wikipedia. So Katie was assaulted, she defended herself.

    Good shooting Katie!

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