Monday Bail Out Report: East Nashville 09/11

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7 of our our East Nashville friends and neighbors were bailed out of jail in Nashville on Monday. Bonds posted on 09/11 with a 37206, 37207, or 37216 home ZIP code.

Bail, Clayton RUSSELL ST 37206 Implied Consent-Civil
Bail, Clayton RUSSELL ST 37206 DUI
Bumphus, Devontre KEELING AVE 37207 Agg. Rob.
Ferrell, Umeko LISCHEY PL 37207 Assault
Crawley, Asia Moorewood Dr. 37207 Theft o/$1000
Hull, Jayne COOPER TER 37216 Agg Assault – Strangulation
Morton, Latoya LEMONT DR 37216 Driv. Lic. Revoked
Baker, Percy THOMAS AVE 37216 Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI

DEFENDANT: Perry A Baker

East Precinct CSU detectives observed the defendant operating a white Nissan Maxima and stopped him for two distinct traffic violations. The defendant was found to be in possession of approximately 4 ounces of marijuana in approximately one ounce bags and $1,532 in cash.

DEFENDANT: Clayton M Bail

On 09/11/2017 at approximately 0255 hours I observed a vehicle that was traveling on N 11th and Gartland with no head lights on. I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and while approaching the vehicle I observed the temp tag on the vehicle to be expired on 09/01/2017. I made contact with the driver, suspect, and while speaking to him I could smell the obvious odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his expelled breath and person, his eyes were blood shot and watery, his speech was slow and mumbled, and he admitted to consuming two beers and a shot. Based on the traffic infractions observed, indicators of impairment observed during my personal contact, and his admission to consuming an alcoholic beverage I requested he perform SFST’s which he agreed to do. The suspect was taken into custody for DUI based on the traffic infractions observed, indicators of impairment observed during my personal contact, indicators of impairment observed during the SFST’s, and his admission to consuming the two beers and a shot. The suspect was read implied consent and refused to take a breath test and was additionally charged with violating the implied consent law.


On 08/27/2017, at approximately 2355 hours, the victim was in front of the location of 115 2nd Avenue North when she was assaulted by the defendant. The victim stated that the defendant and two other individuals attacked her and started hitting her in the head. The victim said there is video evidence that someone had posted on Facebook of the assault. I located the video and it does show the defendant hitting the victim in the head, as the victim tries to cover her head from the assault. The victim then falls to the ground and the defendant quits assaulting the victim. The victim received visible scratches from the assault to her neck and upper back area.

DEFENDANT: Asia T Crawley

xxx xxx , who is the store manager, stated that they have been having a lot of trouble in last two months or so with female blacks stealing Adidas apparel from the store. Mr. xxx stated that the defendant came into the store on 11-12-16 on two separate occasions and stole merchandise. Mr. xxx followed the defendant to a vehicle and observed her get into a black Kia Soul “xxx “. Detective Ismailovic found out that the vehicle is registered to an Asia Crawley. Detective Ismailovic placed the defendant in a photo line up, at which time Mr. xxx positively identified the defendant, Asia T Crawley, as the person that has stolen a lot of merchandise from Urban outfitters on 11-12-16 and on sereral other dates going to July 2016. Mr. xxx stated that the defendant and the groupd that she has been with have stolen merchandise that is valued between $2,500.00 and $3,000.00.


Police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at the above location. Police made contact with Mr. xxx xxx and his mother, Ms. xxx xxx who both advised that the defendant, Ms. Hull had assaulted Ms. xxx . All three parties live together. Ms. xxx advised that she and Ms. Hull has gotten into an argument. Ms. Hull was upset over Ms. xxx living with them. Ms. Hull while in Ms. xxx bedroom jumped on top of her on the bed, and choked Ms. xxx . There were visible injury marks left on Ms. xxx neck and throat which were photographed by police. In addition, Mr. xxx stated to police he had witnessed Ms. Hull on top of Ms. xxx . Mr. xxx intervened and stopped the assault, yelling at Ms. Hull to stop. Ms. Hull then proceeded to take the sheets off of Ms. xxx bed before getting into her car and leaving the scene. During the police investigation, Ms. Hull returned to the scene and was taken into custody by police without incident. Ms. Hull stated that she did grab Ms. xxx , but did not strangle her. Defendant declined to list a nearest relative.


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