Lesbian Ex-Lover Spat: Tanisha Luster Pepper Sprays Ex Girlfriend’s New Girlfriend At Stoplight

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Tanisha Luster was arrested on Saturday in Nashville, after she pepper sprayed her ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend, after finding them stopped at a red light.

Get our your notepads and pay attention – Tanisha use to date Keisha. Since they broke up, Keisha is now dating a girl named Kiara. On Saturday night, the new couple (Keisha & Kiara) were at a stoplight near Metro Center. Keisha was driving, and Kiara was in the passenger seat, with her window rolled down. As they were waiting for the light to turn green, Tanisha (the ex) suddenly pulls up close beside the couple, yelled to get their attention, and began to continuously spray pepper spray at them through the window, where the Keisha’s new girlfriend was sitting. Both Keisha & Kiara were hit in the face with the pepperspray, causing an immediate burning sensation. Keisha, who was driving (who was the ex of Tanisha) was wearing a white designer shirt, which was ruined by the oily non-removable orange stains. Tanisha then fled the scene.

Tanisha Luster was charged with vandalism for ruining her ex-girlfriend’s shirt, assault for the attack on the girlfriend’s new girlfriend, and domestic assault for her attack on the ex-girlfriend, since they had a prior relationship. She was bonded out on 10/22 with a $2,000 bond via Grumpy’s and will appear in court on 10/30/17.

MNPD Affidavit:

Keisha xxx and the defendant use to be in a dating relationship. Kiara xxx is Ms. xxx current girlfriend. Ms. xxx states that on Saturday October 14, 2017 she and Ms. xxx were stopped at a stoplight at the intersection of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Mainstream Drive in Nashville, Tennessee. Ms. xxx was in the driver’s seat and Ms. xxx was in the front passenger seat with her window in the down position. As they were waiting for the light to turn green, the defendant pulled up to the stop light to the right of their vehicle. The defendant yelled out the window to them and when they turned to see who was yelling at them, the defendant pulled out a bottle of what is believed to be pepper spray and began to spray it directly at them. Ms. xxx and Ms. xxx were hit directly in the face causing an immediate burning sensation. Ms. xxx white designer shirt was destroyed during the assault due to the oily non-removable orange stains. Once the defendant sprayed them, she immediately drove away.

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