Nashville Uber Driver Posts Pickup Address Online After Passenger Complaint Against Him

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Tom Dueringer, who has been driving for Uber for about 17 months, was driving his 2016 Ford Focus Friday night when he got a ping to pick up passengers in East Nashville. Due to the ongoing road closures due to construction,  a slightly longer route had to be taken to their Donelson destination. Due to this, or other reasons, Dueringer received a notice that he had complaints on his professionalism and safety. He determines, in his mind, that it must be from these particular passengers, and posts their pickup address online, for all other ride-share drivers in Nashville to see. There was absolutely no reason to violate the privacy of these passengers by posting their exact address online, unless it was for malice, such as getting other drivers to not pick up a passenger, or for revenge purposes.

Since he was insistent about specifying the passengers were women, we found this isn’t the only woman that Dueringer has an issue with. Here’s what he had to say to Ashley Judd when she complained about sexism at the airport:

Here’s the text of the Facebook post:

I learned something tonight and I’ll pass it along to you. This evening I picked up 4 women from East Nashville 1814 xxxx to Walgreens on Donelson Pike. I told them since I 24 closed would have to take longer route which I did (went back over Shelby avenue to 4th avenue and then back on interstate) one lady kept asking how much longer before we get there. I told her 9 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 6 minutes, in total 5 times she asked very distracting and in poring down rain to boot. About an hour later I’m looking at my profile and notice 1 write up for safety & 1 for professionalism. Trying to think which rider it was. Finally I thought it might be them and I was correct. I went to that particular fare and noticed that they weren’t charged for their ride, so…I was correct it was them as the other 33 rides today had been paid by the riders. I complained to Uber and told them my side of story. Hope this helps


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