“24 Grams of Weed in my Bra Isn’t Mine” – Jessica Brown Felony Drug Arrest, Shelby Ave.

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When Jessica Brown was being arrested for felony drug possession early Saturday morning near Shelby/6th, she had one thing to say – the 24 grams of marijuana found in her bra wasn’t hers!

Per a MNPD Affidavit, Jessica Brown was a passenger in a 2008 Hyundai Sonata, with Antoine Lamonte Wiseman driving. On Shelby Ave, near 6th, MNPD initiated a traffic stop due to improper display of registration. Officers report a probably cause search was conducted due to the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

The search yielded 2 grams of marijuana in Jessica’s purse, a scale in the driver’s door, and empty plastic bags consistent with the sale of narcotics. During a search of the occupants, the driver had 1.5 grams of marijuana in his shoe, and 24 grams of marijuana in Jessica’s bra.

Brown was charged with felony drug offense, and drug paraphernalia, and was released on a $10,000 bond via Grumpy’s.

MNPD Affidavit:

At approximately 1220 hours a traffic stop was conducted on a green 2008 Hyundai Sonata on Shelby Ave at S 6th St for a vehicle equipment violation. On approach of the vehicle a plain smell of marijuana was noticed coming from the vehicle. The Defendant was the passenger. During a search of the vehicle a white plastic baggie containing approximately 2 grams of marijuana was discovered in the Defendant’s purse, a black digital scale was discovered in the driver side door pocket. During a search of the Co-defendant’s person a clear plastic baggie containing approximately 1.5 grams of marijuana was discovered in his left boot. While taking the Defendant into custody due to her not qualifying for a misdemeanor citation, and after being asked if she had anything else on her person, she stated that she had another bag of marijuana hidden in her bra approx. 24 grams but that it wasn’t hers. Under Miranda the Defendant said the marijuana in her purse was hers and that the scale and other amounts of marijuana was not hers. Inside the vehicle several empty plastic grocery bags were noticed. The marijuana the Defendant claimed was hers appeared to be packaged in a corner piece of a grocery bag. The different amounts of marijuana packaged in separate baggies, along with the digital scale and empty bags are known to police to be consistent with illegal narcotics sales. This occurred within 1,000 ft. of several drug free none school zones to include Martha O’bryan Child Development Center, and James Cayce play area. The Defendant was taken into custody for the felony charge.

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