ARREST: Brooks Morris Hits Pregnant Girlfriend w/car for ‘Not doing Anything All Day’

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MNPD & NFD responded to a domestic call on 12/07, where a pregnant person was assaulted with a car, for ‘not doing anything all day’, despite being several months pregnant. Meet the person driving the car, her boyfriend, Brooks Hayden Morris.

According to court records, NFD was treating the victim for her injuries when MNPD arrived on scene. The victim states her boyfriend, Brooks Morris, were in an argument because she had not done anything all day, even though she was multiple months pregnant. She states the argument escalated and Morris eventually grabbed her by the wrist, after which she wrestled loose and walked away.

Morris then pushed her down to the ground with his hands, she landed on her knees, attempting to protect her unborn child. When the victim tried to call 911, Brooks Morris snatched the phone from her hand and shattered it on the ground. Morris then left the residence, got into the driver’s seat of his vehicle an started it up. She went to his driver’s side window to attempt to talk to him, when he suddenly, and without any warning, put the car in reverse and ran over both of her feet, and the side of her car hit her in the abdomen, knocking her backwards into a bush.

According to the victim, Brooks Morris then put the car in drive, accellerated, and tried to run over her again, she was able to move out of this way this time, as she saw him coming. According to police, she had multiple bruises and a possible broken toe during to being run over by the vehicle.

Morris was charged with Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon & Interference w/911 Call and has his first court appearance on 12/19

8 hours after his arrest, the victim posted this on social media: – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

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