ARREST: Chase Clark Knocks Drunk Brother Out with Choke Hold to get him into an Uber | Tequila Cowboy

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Some Christmas Eve’s are better than others. In the early morning hours of Sunday, Police arrived to 3rd Ave North, just outside of Tequila Cowboy, to find a man on the ground, unconscious. As it turned out, this was a result of his brother putting him in a choke hold to knock him out, after his now unconscious brother attempted to “kick him in the nuts”.

Here’s what happened.

The two brothers, from Benton KY, were drinking at Tequila Cowboy downtown when the bouncer told Chase Clark that his brother (Blake Clark) needed to be removed from the location due to his extreme intoxication. As Chase was taking him out of the bar, his brother struck him multiple times, and attempted to “kick him in the nuts”. According to police reports, at that point, Chase wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck and “took him to the ground”. Chase said he then tried to get an Uber to take them back to their hotel, when his brother got up from the ground and began to hit him again. Chase then put his brother in a choke hold and “held him until he knocked out, so he could get him into the cab”.

Shortly after police and medics arrived, the brother regained consciousness, and left the scene, refusing to speak to officers. His brother, Chase, was arrested for Aggravated Assault / Strangulation, and given a $5,000 bond. He did the mandatory 12 hours, and was released on bond via ‘1 Hour Bonding’ just before 2PM on Christmas Eve.

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