ARREST: Marcellus Walker Drops Pants In Hattie B’s, Inserts Bottle of Sauce into his Bum

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On 12/21, customers of Hattie B’s Hot Chicken got a show they were not expecting. Marcellus Walker was panhandling inside the location, and had been asked but leave, but refused. When no one continued to give him any money inside the restaurant, he pulled down his pants, and showed his ass (“baring his rectum” per the MNPD) – and grabbed a bottle of condiment sauce from a nearby table, and proceeded to insert the bottle into his rectum, in full view of the customers.

Photo: MNPD

Walker was arrested on multiple charges, including agg trespassing, and disorderly conduct, and remains in custody.

In October of last year, Walker was being arrested for harassing customers, and when attempted to take him into custody at the Tigermart, he dropped his pants, with no underwear, displaying his private parts for the customers going in an out of the store.

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