Cayce Homes: Mom Has Daughter Arrested for Shattering Glass Ashtray – Shamario Jones #SmokingIsBad

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In this weekend’s James A. Cayce Homes petty drama – a mother has her daughter arrested and charged with vandalism for shattering an ashtray, and with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because she threw it at her, but by all reports, missed.

On Sunday, Shamario Jones was served an outstanding arrest warrant and taken into custody from an incident with her mother on 11/18. The only legal issues that Shamario had previously was 3 driving with no license infractions which were all dismissed. Now she’s facing a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, and a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Her ‘aggravated assault with a deadly weapon’ charge is a class C Felony in Tennessee. A person convicted of a class C felony in Tennessee can be sentenced to prison terms of 3 to 15 years, as well as fines of up to $10,000. (Tenn. Ann. Code § 40-35-111).

What was this deadly weapon? A glass ashtray that was sitting on a ledge.

Here’s what happened, according to court records:

Shamario Jones and her mother got into an argument about her daughter’s clothes getting dirty. The verbal altercation started in a second floor bedroom, and as Shamario walked toward the stairs to go downstairs to leave, she grabbed an ashtray from a ledge near the stairway and threw the glass ashtray at her mother, who was standing in the doorway of a bedroom. Her mother claims the ashtray hit her left arm before hitting the door and shattering, however both witnesses state they did not see the ashtray hit the mother, and instead believe that it missed her and hit the door before shattering.

Despite the differences in the Mother’s story and the two witnesses, and due to this being a domestic situation, they swore out an arrest warrant for the daughter, Shamario Jones, who had already left the location before police arrived.

Shamario was charged with Vandalism under $1,000 for the shattered ashtray, a misdeamanor charge for which she received a $1,000 bond, and Aggravated Assault w/a Deadly Weapon, for which she received a $4,000 bond. Jones posted her $5,000 bond via A Around The Clock bonding, and was released this morning (Monday) at 8AM, after spending 12 hours in jail. She will appear in court for an initial appearance on 12/11.

Court Affidavit:

On 11/18/2017 the Defendant, Shamario Jones, was involved in a domestic incident. The Defendant is the daughter of the victim, [redacted]. The the Defendant was not at the scene when Officers arrived. [redacted] lives at [redacted] s 5th St with the two witnesses, [redacted] and [redacted], who are another son and daughter of [redacted]. [redacted] advised that the defendant does not live at this address. [redacted] stated that she and the Defendant got in to a verbal altercation inside the residence over the Defendant’s daughter’s clothes getting dirty. [redacted] advised that the altercation started in a bedroom on the second floor of the residence. [redacted] stated that during the altercation, the Defendant walked towards the stairwell to go downstairs. [redacted] told Officers that as the defendant approached the stairs, she grabbed a glass ashtray off of the ledge near the stairwell, and threw the ashtray at [redacted] who was standing in the doorway of the bedroom. [redacted] stated the ashtray hit her left arm and hit the door behind her, then fell to the ground and shattered. The Defendant then went downstairs and left the location. The two witnesses were in the bedroom where the altercation started. Both witnesses stated they observed the altercation, and witnessed the Defendant throw the ashtray at [redacted]. Both witnesses stated they did not see the ashtray hit [redacted], and believe the ashtray missed, hitting the door before falling to the ground and breaking.

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