Cloud IX Owner Erica Fenton Lied Under Oath on 2 TABC Application Documents about Criminal Conviction

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The process for getting a liquor license from the TABC requires a lot of paperwork. Including lot of notarized signatures, where you swear under oath, in the presence of a notary, that your signature is indeed you, and that by signing, the information given is truthful. By submitting this incorrect information to the state in order to obtain a liquor license with false information may be defined as the criminal charge of perjury as defined in TN Code § 39-16-702 (2016). On two documents signed and notarized during the application process, Erica Fenton provided false information – leaving off a criminal charge, and stating she had no criminal convictions in her history. Fenton has been charged with 9 crimes in Nashville – and actually convicted of one – which she denied on her application paperwork, twice.

The third question on the initial application reads “have you, your partners, or any other person having any kind of interest in your business ever been convicted for any offense under the laws of the state of Tennessee, or any other state of the United States?

To this, Erica Fenton, in her own hand, writes “NO” and has the document notarized:

This is her signature and the notarization of the document, December 16, 2016:

This is the misdemeanor criminal citation that Erica Fenton received on 12/07/2006, when she was driving a black Pontiac Grand Prix and ran a traffic light. Upon a records check, the officer found her license to be suspended (a charge which she has been charged with many times, since). The state citation below was issued:

On 12/28/2006, Erica Fenton appeared in court to answer to the charge, to which she plead Guilty, in front of judge Diane Turner:

Each manger involved in the operation of a business must also submit a separate questionnaire to the TABC – here is page 2 from Erica Fenton’s, also notarized, where she again says she has never been convicted of a ANY criminal offense:

The next page where she signed clearly states: “Your statement is made under oath or affirmation. Providing or incomplete information are grounds for rejection of application or suspension or revocation of permit if issued. False statements or incomplete information are subject to the penalties of perjury under Tennessee Law“:

Here is a full list of her charges, 1 Guilty, the remainder dismissed. They include 7 driving on a suspended license, and 2 possession of a revoked license

Here are 2 of the full documents contained in her TABC Application file that contain notarized false statements to the state of TN, click for full images:

We do know that Cloud IX is under investigation by multiple agencies, and no other information has been available at this time, due to that investigation.

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