Cloud IX Owner Names Shooters, Presents Different Version of Events in Deadly Shooting at Hookah Bar

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Late Saturday afternoon, Erica Felton (the owner of Cloud IX) posted an account of events of the deadly shooting at Cloud IX Hookah Bar – one that doesn’t exactly line up with what the police have reported.  She removed the post several hours later, but we obtained a multiple copies before it was removed. According to MNPD “Jason McClain had been asked to leave the bar just before 1 a.m. and he allegedly retrieved a gun from his car and fired at security guards.” Felton is presenting a different version of events, one in which she claims McClain was never asked to leave.

Here is Erica Felton’s account of what happened, direct from her:

This has been one of the toughest? things I’ve ever been through… Despite my position as the owner of @cloudixnashville… through my dealings with @iamdjcoop @half_a_key_dt4l Jason & I became very good friends and he was a BIG SUPPORTER of mine— whether it was @ibustle @ibustlegirls @cloudixnashville or supporting the #SOMG movement he was always there… acknowledging how inspiring it was to see a woman doing her thing and chasing her dreams; & encouraging me to not give up no matter what the critics had to say… as he is laid to rest today, I felt it was my due diligence to clear some things up that the news & social media falsely reported as a way to provide clarity and TRUTH to the tragic event that transpired at my bar last Saturday night…

  1. Jason did not get into an altercation inside @cloudixnashville.
  2. Jason wasn’t asked to leave @cloudixnashville by security guards.
  3. Jason did get into a verbal disagreement outside of @cloudixnashville as he was leaving, but he was not the aggressor.
  4. @skully731 (Brian Barham) & @508bosman (Bryce William Hardy) did not draw their guns nor did they return fire at any point in the exchange of gunfire with @dopemill1008.
  5. When I opened @cloudixnashville I interviewed several security companies. Ultimately, I decided to sub-contract with Demetrius Tucker’s security company (which allegedly opened January 2009), Pro-Tect, in good faith that they would serve and protect not only myself, but my biggest investment to date, my staff, and my patrons. He advised that he represented a team of unarmed & armed guards who were ALL licensed and bonded; the same team who also currently services 9Bar, Donks, & Premium Night Club (After Hours). In light of the incident that occurred last Saturday, was I only then made aware that allegedly the two guards who fired the fatal shots, Tarryn Williams & Brandon Transou, didn’t have the proper license to act as armed guards. I am currently working with my attorney and officials to seek justice in regards to the aforementioned negligence.
  6. I have been fully cooperative with officials to help them seek answers to help bring justice for Jason’s family and loved ones first broke the story of the unlicensed guards here: CLOUD IX: Only 2 of the 4 Security Guards Were Legally Licensed

Her post continued with the commentary below:

I attended Jason’s funeral earlier, and the reverend proposed the question of “What is going to be the take away for all of us regarding Jason’s death”… Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel… I am deeply saddened for all that took place December 10, 2017 and my sincere condolences go out to his family and children he left behind. He often expressed his love for his children; he confided to me how he enjoyed daily convos with his mother (expressing how she was his best friend) and had to often times persuade her to seek medical attention for different issues because she was so stubborn- watching over her wanting to make sure she never wanted for anything; and he also expressed his endless love and gratitude for his twin sister Tangie— saying how much he was blessed to have her— his “ride or die”… For those who truly know me, know I would ever condone such an act of violence to go down without intervening and resolving whatever issues were at hand.

My takeaway- this incident hit to close to home; and it shook me to my core. I pray for the family— because I couldn’t imagine what you all are going through right now… but I vow to do whatever is within my power to help bring resolve to the unanswered questions and make sure the FACTS/TRUTH OF THE MATTER prevails. As a business owner, I vow to make it my due diligence to create a renewed allegiance to provide a safe environment for all of my patrons. I had to take a step back and really analyze what truly matters and Jason’s death will not be in vain. I pray everyone can find it in the their hearts to not hold malice against me.

Kind Regards,

Erica Fenton

Cloud IX remained open Saturday night, despite a pending eviction notice, and community concerns, with the flyer below for last night’s events:


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    STOP USING THAT PICTURE! That is not Brandon!!!! You’re gonna get someone not involved killed!

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