Cloud IX Security Company ‘Pro-Tect’ is Operated out of Mom’s House in East Nashville | Demetrius Tucker

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Over the weekend, Erica Fenton stated that some time ago she hired ‘Pro-Tect’, a security company owned by Demetrius Tucker, to manage both her personal and the company’s (Cloud IX) security. This is the company that had employees on duty that were involved in the deadly shooting earlier in the month. After we revealed that two of Pro-Tect’s security officers involved in the shooting were not licensed as armed guards in Tennessee, Fenton announced she has fired Pro-Tect Security, and has hired a new security company, though she did not respond to a request for more information on the new company’s name or qualifications on Monday.

We did a little digging, and as it turns out, not only is Pro-Tect no longer a legal LLC in Tennessee, it is also ran from a non-permitted residential address in East Nashville, where the owner, Demetrius Tucker, lives with his mother. Here are the businesses that Demetrius Tucker has registered in Davidson County, along with the official business address on file with the County Clerk.

With so many businesses happening at his registered Gwynn Dr address in East Nashville, we thought it must be zoned commercial, or be a office space at the least. After all, registered there is two security companies, a waste management company, and a bakery (registered by his mother). That’s not what we found. We found a 100% residential zoned home on the property, owned by his mother, Beverly Williams. No legal space or permit to run ANY business from this location, much less one that employees dozens of security guards that provide security to some of Nashville’s venues where it’s needed the most.

While the “company” name “Pro-Tect Security & Bodyguarding LLC” is currently licensed as a security company in Tennessee – the Secretary of State in Tennessee actually dissolved the LLC in 2012, due to non-payment of required monies/revenue to the state. In all available names and databases, “Pro – Tect Security & Bodyguarding LLC” (Formerly AAA Security Service, LLC) has not been legally operating as an LLC in Tennessee since 2012.

According to Cloud IX Owner Erica Denton’s statement over the weekend “I decided to sub-contract with Demetrius Tucker’s security company (which allegedly opened January 2009), Pro-Tect, in good faith that they would serve and protect not only myself, but my biggest investment to date, my staff, and my patrons. He advised that he represented a team of unarmed & armed guards who were ALL licensed and bonded; the same team who also currently services 9Bar, Donk’s, & Premium Night Club (After Hours).”

Pro-Tect Owner Demetrius Tucker

Since all of these revelations, Fenton has terminated her contract with Pro-Tect Security, which probably has all types of legal issues in itself, and says she’s contracted with a new (but yet unnamed company). The questions remains:

Why would you hire a security company with unlicensed armed guards, ran from the owner’s home, where he lives with his mother, in the first place?


If you didn’t know, why didn’t you do your homework.?


Tucker’s personal armed security license is also expired – even though he lists his current job as a directory of security at a local business:



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