East Nashville Christmas Eve DUI Arrest: Ryan Bevins [DUI]

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In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve, Ryan Bevins was traveling on Gallatin Rd in East Nashville, when he was observed by an MNPD officer making contact with the center line dividing traffic, and making an abrupt correction. The officer made a u-turn and got behind the vehicle Bevins was driving, and watched him continue to weave and cross the center line twice more, making abrupt corrections each time.

Officer Stein made a traffic stop on the vehicle and could immediately smell the obvious odor of alcohol coming from his breath and person. His eyes were blood shot and water, and he admitted to consuming two glasses of wine.

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Bivens agreed to, and indicated several signs of impairment, on SFST’s, and was taken into custody for DUI. He was given an opportunity to take a breath test, but was unable to provide an adequate sample, and was transported to general hospital for a blood test, instead.

Bivens was booked just before 6AM, and made his $2,000 bond just after 12PM on Christmas Eve, and was released. He will appear in court on 01/16/2018.

Bivens was previously arrested on 09/25/17 for letting Andrew Selkow drive his car while intoxicated, under the DUI per se law, as the responsible vehicle owner – also on Gallatin Pk.

Andrew Selkow

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