ENN’s 7 Best Voicemails of 2017

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This is historically the slowest news week every year, so let’s look back at 2017. We get a LOT of voicemail on the tip line (615-669-TIPS). Most are actual tips or backstory about things we have published, or story ideas/tips. However there are a large number of death threats, angry reactions, and just people screaming at us. In 20017 we received over 70 such voicemails, that were basically threats, hate, or just humorous. In honor of the end of the 2017 year, we give you the 7 Best voicemails we’ve received in 2017.

We’re not sure which story this voicemail was in reference to:

“You’s a bitch”

In response to the Jevon Izzy Ransom story:

ARREST: Jevon ‘Izzy’ Ransom Assaults G/F, Slams Head Into Sofa, Punches Her

“Hi, un, I don’t need to disclose my name at the moment.. but at the end of the day i also..  but I need you all to delete the post that you all put up about *** If not, I’m gonna have to file a… I’m gonna have to threaten to take you all to court… I’m going to threaten to sue… So I will… *** cause you don’t know who this is, but you all will take down those posts, making accusations about pending court or pending anything, and take it down. Thank you.

In response to the J. Curly Speegle story:

Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle Arrested for Urinating on 2 Chairs in Wendy’s, Public Intoxication

“This is J. Curly, just wanna ask you WHY would you run a hit piece like that? That’s not even cool”

“Well I’ve called several times and I guess I’m just gonna have to come see ya. I’m not threatening you, in any way shape or form, but with all due respect, what you posted, was a hit job, and i would like to speak to you about maybe making some amends. Maybe you’d like to help me out, as much as you pretty much besmirched my name, maybe you’d like to help me clear it too. No threats. Nothing at all like that. So call the cops, or whatever, I’m just trying to make it right man. I’m not threatening you, I will not hurt you at all, I’m just trying to clear my name.

In response to the Andrew Dempsey story:

Today’s Most Petty Arrest: Andrew Dempsey Sets Fire to Mother’s Journal
“Hi, my name is Andrew Dempsey, I’m seeing y’all post my arrest on Facebook, and on East Nashville news, and I’d really appreciate it if you took that down, cause right now I’m trying to get into the Navy, and I’m supposed to go to boot camp December 12th, and I really don’t need this publicized, cause it could get me discharged. I would really appreciate it if y’all took it down. Thank you, have a good day.

In response to the Ciera Washington story:

Ciera Washington: Pens Letter to City over East Nashville Confederate Flag; Doesn’t Feel Safe in HER neighborhood.
This brought 2 of the ‘best of’ this year…

“Your article about Ciera Washington is the furthest thing from journalism it’s filled with ad hominem attacks, and is outright racist. Whoever wrote it, should be ashamed of themselves.”

“Yes, this message is in reference to the article um, about Ciera Washington.That is a very disgusting article. She has spoken her opinion on the confederate flag in her state. She did not attack anyone personally, and instead of that person writing on what she spoke about, the flag, they decided to just attack her personally. THAT’S RACIST. Sorry, but it’s racist. That person needs to be fired immediately. Now I am going to pass this onto my family and friends to make sure they call, also. This is bullshit. Um, and it’s not right. Um, and yea, he needs to be fired immediately, because you know what it does – it makes you look like a.. ummmm. a news organization look like it’s not credible.So, ok, that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you and goodbye.

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