Inside Cloud IX: Selling Marijuana Edibles Openly, Gambling, Fireworks, Free Liquor & More

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We put out a request for readers to send in their videos of what really goes on inside Cloud IX, and we got hundreds of responses. We’ll highlight some of them here – some may surprise you. Here’s what’s really happening inside Cloud IX in East Nashville. We simply asked for violations and got all these in less than 24 hours, Metro, MNPD, the fire marshal, codes, and the ABC board have had nearly a year – what’s their excuse?

Openly selling marijuana edibles.

With the iron-clad security, pat downs, & searches, there is no way these are getting inside the door in this quantity without staff being aware of someone bringing a food product into the club, and what they are:

ABC Free Liquor Violations / AND Infused Bitters Violations

Below, the TN state law that you cannot advertise free alcoholic beverages:

and Cloud IX Advertising free alcohol:


In the Nashville Metropolitan Code, sparklers are considered fireworks, and these sparklers are inches from a drop-down ceiling. (Audio is NSFW)


Taking cash bets on games is illegal in Tennessee… and this bookie is working behind the bar at Cloud IX:


Here is the security required for for a hookah bar:

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Here are some more videos and images we received for Cloud IX:

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6 Thoughts to “Inside Cloud IX: Selling Marijuana Edibles Openly, Gambling, Fireworks, Free Liquor & More”

  1. MC

    Since when did drinks specials extravagant bottle service, and a friendly sports bet become a serious crime?!?

    You guys scream diversity but bulley businesses that don’t fit into your box

    I’m not a fan of the establishment but giving bad press to force them out is NOT fair. How about the real newcence of the neighborhood be addressed like the pharmacy, holland house, and high concentration of businesses that serve alcohol. Let’s discuss the 4+ light poles that have been knocked down in the last 6months on the same street as the aforementioned establishments.

  2. Jessica Turner

    Find 5 bars in East Nashville that don’t advertise alcohol below cost.

    You can’t.

    I don’t like Cloud IX but the level of nitpicking in this article undermines your integrity as a journalist. Half of the videos were of 20-somethings doing what many 20-somethings do when they go out – dance and drink. It’s obvious you were definitely not the “fun” friend.

  3. Victoria

    Cloud IX was not a bad spot, it the people that come in there that act like kids. I feel sad for her because she was try to build something up for her and her family. But you thinking closing this club going to stop the shooting and the killing ummmm hell no. It’s killing everywhere but I don’t see them stopping it….

  4. Everett

    There was no witch hunt when someone was shot outside of Kung-Fu Nashville…. It’s clear that you guys have taken over one of the nastiest neighborhoods in the city with forced gentrification, but if you’re going to clean up the “black” spots how about you clean up all of the cocaine selling and drug using in all of the “white” spots in the very same neighborhood.

  5. Shawn

    Get a life!!! Do you feel better about yourself or feel like you have saved east Nashville?!? I’m t was a club…THATS IT!! Not a crime filled spot, not a brothel, not a drug house…A CLUB! Find something else to do with your time.

  6. Benjamin Simmons

    This is the definition of FAKE NEWS. You all ought to be fired!!!

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