Nashville Uber Driver (Drama Queen) Gets BIG Mad – Has Fit At BNA at Black Passenger, Kicks him Out.

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Friday afternoon at BNA (Nashville International Airport), Uber rider MJ Johnson had requested to have his uber driver drop him at the ‘rideshare’ area so he could walk to his rental car, as he was not taking a flight, only picking up his rental car. The uber driver, only identified as ‘David’ so far, refused and insisted he could only be dropped off at the 3rd floor ‘departures’ area for flights. It would appear that Nashville’s most drama-filled Uber driver was not having it and goes OFF on his passenger – he got BIG mad, see the full video below:

Here’s the original social media post from the passenger:

Today I had a very disappointing experience with Uber in Nashville Tennessee. As many of you know I am a very frequent Uber user and I’ve used them all around the states and in multiple countries. My experience is always AMAZING and my drivers are always friendly and helpful.

Almost every wknd, my drivers drop me off in the “Rideshare” area of the airport and I walk to Avis to get my rental car. Today when I asked DAVID to drop me of at rideshare (because I am not catching a flight) he angrily insisted that I must be dropped on the third floor “Departures” on the other end of the airport. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but i had a heavy bag and some loose items with me today. When I asked him to give me more information about this new policy, I was met with a violent outburst of curses and foul language, almost lost a foot as he tried to drive off as I attempted to grab my belongings, and was berated in front of other patrons at the airport!

Uber Passenger MJ Johnson

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7 Thoughts to “Nashville Uber Driver (Drama Queen) Gets BIG Mad – Has Fit At BNA at Black Passenger, Kicks him Out.”

  1. Jeremy

    This is terrible journalism. At no point did you even acknowledge that this is BNA policy, and drivers run the risk of a very hefty fine for dropping off at the pickup area. I guarantee this is not the first time that driver has been asked to risk an entire days pay so that some lazy person won’t have to walk an extra 20 steps. Sorry, your $10 ride isn’t worth it. Please do a better job of researching these things in the future, this is a disgrace to journalism.

    1. Jason

      Your publicity of this issue shows the lack of intelligence you have in regulations as a driver. I hope your lack of intelligence ruins your credibility in social media. You need to learn rules and get facts before you try to ruin a person’s way of making a living. I hope the rider pays the consequences of his actions.

    2. MJ Johnson

      Jermey… first off Fuck you. I’ve worked everyday of my life since I was 14 years old building 3 businesses and in Asia doing international biz right now so the last thing I am is Lazy. As a owner operator… I take Uber’s almost everyday… I have never had an issue being dropped off at the stop sign on the ground transportation level. He could have easily informed me kindly that he preferred not to and I would have kindly had him take me to my sisters house around the corner and booked another uber or ride with her. At any rate… ppl should not be in service businesses without a firm grasp of customer service. I hope you treat your riders better because he avoided an ass beating because I had an international flight the next day. Any other time I beat asses for that level of disrespect ??‍♂️.

  2. A. Nonymous

    Regardless of the policy, David’s reaction was a little over the top, disrespectful, unprofessional, and generally just plain stupid. That has a considerably higher risk of “risking a days pay” than anything else. Moral of the story: “Do the right thing, but don’t be a turd.”

  3. No balls

    And you only saw the last of the interaction. So why should anybody judge. But a race card and asking to fight. Really? Get a life b

    1. MJ Johnson

      Yes… I challenged him to fight. I was upset. But I’m not the type to assault someone. This video was recorded to be played in court if necessary.

  4. R H

    I have been driving a limo in Nashville and I go to to BNA few times a day. It is against the airport rules to drop any passenger off at the ground transportation level including ridesharing area. Last May one of our regular customer asked me to drop him off at the ridesharing area so he could walk to rental cars area. I did try to explain but he was insisting and I did follow his instruction and drop him off at the ground level. I was about to get off the airport property into I 40 west when I was stopped by airport police. The officer told me that they are monitoring airport property on cameras and I was seen dropping someone off at the ground level. I was given a verbal warning and told if i was seen doing so again our company may be barred from entering into airport property.

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