Friday afternoon at BNA (Nashville International Airport), Uber rider MJ Johnson had requested to have his uber driver drop him at the ‘rideshare’ area so he could walk to his rental car, as he was not taking a flight, only picking up his rental car. The uber driver, only identified as ‘David’ so far, refused and insisted he could only be dropped off at the 3rd floor ‘departures’ area for flights. It would appear that Nashville’s most drama-filled Uber driver was not having it and goes OFF on his passenger – he got BIG mad, see the full video below:

Here’s the original social media post from the passenger:

Today I had a very disappointing experience with Uber in Nashville Tennessee. As many of you know I am a very frequent Uber user and I’ve used them all around the states and in multiple countries. My experience is always AMAZING and my drivers are always friendly and helpful.

Almost every wknd, my drivers drop me off in the “Rideshare” area of the airport and I walk to Avis to get my rental car. Today when I asked DAVID to drop me of at rideshare (because I am not catching a flight) he angrily insisted that I must be dropped on the third floor “Departures” on the other end of the airport. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but i had a heavy bag and some loose items with me today. When I asked him to give me more information about this new policy, I was met with a violent outburst of curses and foul language, almost lost a foot as he tried to drive off as I attempted to grab my belongings, and was berated in front of other patrons at the airport!

Uber Passenger MJ Johnson

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