The Cleo: “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. It’s a shitty situation.

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We’ve covered the struggles of the residents of The Cleo in East Nashville before, even mentioned the ‘doggy poop’ problem with photos. Now, The Cleo’s maintenance person says he “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building.

Cleo maintenance, Bob Miller, says:

“We go around daily and pick it up.. Sometimes I feel that I just can’t keep up! It truly is disgusting, and absolutely absurd that the people that live in the building don’t pick up after their dogs. After all it is their home.”

It’s not a new thing – reports, and photos, of dog poop in the hallways, elevators, and common areas have happening since the day The Cleo opened this summer.

Tyler Sainato recently posted “But why did I just watch someone watch their dog go to the bathroom and then not pick it up…. in front of the club room door?!” Resident Ryan Terrell states that he watched a lady from his balcony while she let her dog poop right in front of her. She looked up, had a bag in her hand, but apparently she didn’t think her dog or neighbor was more important than her phone. She just kept walking, bag in hand and did not pick up the poop. She started walking back towards I‎t, so i gave her the benefit of the doubt. Then she even passed back by I‎t and didn’t pick I‎t up.”

Here are some of the first hand accounts of East Nashville’s finest ‘poop palace’, directly from residents:

This begs the question – why is The Cleo so ‘shitty’?


East Nashville’s Newest Frat House: Living At The Cleo [UPDATE]

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