White People Christmas: Stepmoms, Hammers, & Agg Assault Charges | Charlene Huff

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It was a wild Friday night at the Huff Household. Just three days before Christmas, 51 year-old Charlene Huff got into an argument with her step-daughter.

At some point during the argument, the step-mom, Charlene Huff, picked up a hammer and threatened her step-daughter with the hammer.

Cops were called. The hammer was seized, and Charlene got to spend 12 hours in jail. Huff was arrested on an aggravated assault charge with a deadly weapon, and eventually bonded out via Elite bonding on a $2,500 bond after the mandatory hold time. She will appear in court on 01/03/18.

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2 Thoughts to “White People Christmas: Stepmoms, Hammers, & Agg Assault Charges | Charlene Huff”

  1. Charlene Huff

    You got your court date wrong its Jan 5th

    1. ENN Staff

      It is updated to the 3rd, you can verify here:
      Scheduled: 1/3/2018 8:30 AM
      Judge: Walker, Allegra
      Court Room: Birch Bldg, Court Room 4B
      Reason: Settlement

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