Adam Strifler Gets Cold, Breaks Into Ex’s House, Sleeps in Her Child’s Closet.

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Adam Strifler was arrested on 01/14/18, when his ex girlfriend found him hiding in her child’s closet, asleep, in violation of a restraining order.

When Strifler’s ex girlfriend returned to her home, she was putting away laundry. When she entered her child’s closet to put away clothes, she found Adam Strifler on the floor of the child’s closet, sleeping. According to court documents, she woke up the sleeping Strifler, and told him he had to leave, as he was not allowed there, per an active order of protection. Strifler pleaded to stay because he was “freezing and hungry”.

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The ex-girlfriend attempted to forcibly ‘assist’ him out of her child’s closet, and out of her home, at which time he struck her several times in her face and arms, causing her to fall, according to her sworn account.

It was determined that he had most likely climbed up to the 2nd floor balcony to gain entry into the victim’s home, forcing the sliding glass door open, as there was a plastic bar in the door jam which was now bent, indicating entry.

Strifler was charged with domestic assault, order of protection violation, and burglary.

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