ARREST: Christopher Alexander McQueen, Don’t Hit Your Boyfriend! #HimToo!

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Christopher Alexander McQueen was arrested on 01/01/18 for domestic assault, after biting his boyfriend, and punching him in the face and shoulder.

According to MNPD, they made two calls for service at the residence on New Years Day. The first was in regards to the initial fight, where according to the victim, McQueen (his boyfriend) punched him multiple times in the face and shoulder area – and had visible injuries to the right side of his face, cuts on his left fingers (from being bit by McQueen), and a black eye on the right side of his face. It is unclear why officers did not make a request, which is generally required under the domestic assault laws in TN, however they did not.

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Hours later, the victim began to be in pain on his right side from his injuries, and called police back to the scene, and was transported by medics to the hospital for his injuries. At this visit, McQueen was no longer at the scene. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was located and taken into custody on 01/03/18. He will appear in court on 01/17/2018.

Court Affidavit:

On 1/1/2018, Officers were dispatched to Vultee Blvd regarding the victim being assaulted by his partner, the Defendant. When officers arrived, the victim stated he and The Defendant were in an argument earlier, which led to a physical fight. The victim stated officers responded to the residence at approximately 1519 hours regarding The Defendant attacking him. The victim reported when officers were there, he was not in any pain from the fight until hours later. The victim stated the The Defendnat punched him multiple times in the face, and shoulder area. The victim stated he called PD back because he began to feel pain. The victim was transported by medics due to him having pain on his right side. I also observed a black eye to the right side of the victim’s face, and cuts on his left fingers. The victim stated the cuts on his fingers were from The Defendant biting him. The defendant was not present at the home when officers arrived on the second occasion.

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  1. Anonymous

    This post is exploiting false information on a very gentle, respectable, and outstanding young man. There are two sides of every story, and you’ve inserted bias and twisted this to fit your personal opinions. This is why people do not trust media anymore.

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