ARREST: Kasandra McNeese, You can’t return things you didn’t buy. #Walmart

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Kasandra ‘Kassy’ McNeese was arrested overnight as she attempted to do some return fraud at a local Walmart.

MNPD responded to Walmart regarding a shoplifting incident. Walmart loss prevention observed the McNeese select numerous items from the store shelf and proceed to customer service. McNeese then pretended that she had bought the items previously, and wanted a refund. The employee at customer service proceeded with the refund, giving her $41.79 for the stolen goods.

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At that time, Walmart loss prevention stopped Kasandra McNeese and detained her, taking possession of the $41.79 in ill gotten funds now in her possession. McNeese was charged with Theft and Criminal Trespass, and her bond was set at $3500. Her initial appearance will be on 02/16/18.

She was allowed to pay her bond, which she did via Smiley’s, however she remains in jail as there are additional charges pending to be served on her, for which she will have to make additional bond once the warrants are served. McNeese can often be found with her partner, Ashton Sharpe.

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