Enoch Allen, 2018’s First Fake Urine Arrest – Yep, he’s HIGH!

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On Thursday, January 11th,  Mr. Enoch Allen was administered a drug test pursuant to the terms of his supervision of probation by Probation/Parole Officer Gabriel Collins at the TDOC Probation/Parole Office at 212 Pavilion Blvd. in Nashville. During the drug test, Officer Collins noticed that Mr. Allen was using a device with a “red-pink” like color cap, and was squeezing some fluids from that device into the drug test container while in the restroom.

At that time Officer Collins ended the drug test, and requested for Mr. Allen to hand over the device. Mr. Allen complied and gave the device, that appeared to have been attached to his penis, to Officer Collins, who then placed the device into a evidence bag as being seized evidence. Mr. Allen stated that he consumed marijuana the day before. Mr. Allen stated that he did not want to get caught testing positive for drugs that he used.

Enoch Allen was arrested for Attempted Drug Test Falsification (39-17-437) and will appear in court 02/02/2018.

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