Jamie Tice’s Instagram: Dozens of Images & Videos of her Underage Victim Remain on her Active Hidden Account

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Since first breaking the Jamie Tice story in December, our inbox has been inundated with tips about her activities, details about her relationship with her church’s youth group, & even concerns over her social media activity. Over the past couple of weeks we have managed to see some of it, first hand. If you’re just now hearing of Jamie Tice, she is the 37 year old mother of 6, and a leader of her church youth group, that had sex with her daughter’s 15 year-old boyfriend over 20 times in “every room of the house” as she described it in court documents.

What we now know is that during that entire year that she was committing statutory rape with the 15 year-old male, he continued to date her daughter – who was seemingly oblivious to the entire situation. We have reviewed the teen victim’s social media posts, which reflect month after month during that year of him with his same-age girlfriend (Tice’s daughter), each professing their love for the other, and doing things together, that clearly indicated the two were still in a relationship the entire time that he was being groomed / raped by Jamie Tice. It should be noted that not only does Jamie Tice have a now ‘hidden’ social media account, but there are several tagged profiles in her comments on it that also appear to be the initials of the victim, separate from his primary known account.

Jamie Tice has went through great efforts to hide her social media activity and accounts. She has deactivated almost all of her public social media profiles, except her Instagram, on which she has removed almost all identifying information and changed the name to something that was nearly anonymous. Perhaps this was to be out of the spotlight of the media, or perhaps it was for other reasons. What we do know is that she has already violated both a no contact order issued by a Sumner County judge, issued on 11/22/2017 (see image), and a Davidson County order of protection, issued by Commissioner Masten (Case Number 17 DCSO 4849) on 11/16/2017. She did so after already being charged in both counties, when on December 11th, Jamie Tice when she went to Metro Baptist Christian Academy in Goodlettsville (Davidson County) and gave her juvenile daughter food to give to the victim, thus contacting him through a third party (GPD 17-43603).

Why, after a year of upwards of 20+ instances of admitted statutory rape, and a violation of two orders of protection, would Jamie Tice still have dozens of images of her victim all over her social media, some of which depict the underage victim swimming, or in varying amounts of clothing. While it may be difficult as he also has or had a relationship as her daughter’s boyfriend, it is entirely inappropriate, and seems like a convenient excuse. We were able to locate what Jamie Tice believed to be her protected and Instagram account, even though it’s no longer in her name, and here’s what we found.

Here is what Tice’s Instagram account looks like from the outside. We needed to verify the images we had been sent from multiple people concerned over the images still on her social media, were indeed there and active, so we created an Instagram account with a fake name, that referenced a nickname of her victim, and a play on words of his known hobby/moniker – not a direct name, but something she would associate – and after an hour, we got a notice she had accepted the friend request, showing that the account was indeed very active. She even chatted with our fake person.

Note: We have attempted to strike an appropriate balance between protecting the victim’s name/monikers/face/likeness and the ability to show an accurate account, so some images are heavily redacted/blurred.

And we needed to verify this was indeed her account, which we were able to do. It contains photos of her and her family, on vacations, dinners, at home and other locations, and a lot of ‘selfies’, this was confirmed as the now ‘secret’ account of Jamie Tice by the nearly 1,500 photos inside.

Inside the account are dozens of photos of her victim. Some with comments, some without. Some with other people, some not.

And while we wouldn’t have given this comment a second thought on most parent’s photos, given the context, this one stood out. We redacted the entire photo for privacy:

We are not publishing photos from the underage victim’s account – but we can tell you that on both accounts there are what seem like innocent messages – especially nearing her arrest date back in November. A lot of them are posting of songs liked, and references to them, and a reply from the other account with something that makes sense if read together. For instance, in the time right before and after the arrest, the victim posted things such as “Definitely feeling this song right now” while playing “I fall apart”; and another “this song makes me think of you every time”, with a link to “Come Alive”. Also before her arrest, the victim posts “Grew up with this song, never understood it, really starting to understand it now”, with a link to “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi. At some point during our interaction with Tice, she became suspicious and blocked us from her account, but not before we obtained what was shown above.

We’ve verified this is the account of Jamie Tice, that it is active, and that she is the one using it – so why, after all the trouble she is in, and time she is facing, would she accept a friend request on the account from someone she mostly likely thought was her victim, and still have dozens and dozens of photos of him (above is but a small representation, and the ones we could most easily redact). Why, if facing all the current circumstances, would any person not remove all these things from her view, from her social media, and not accept requests that appear to be related? We don’t have that answer, but we do have the facts above.

There is no reason to keep photos and videos of a victim, especially in this situation, no matter the excuse. Especially on a hidden account. Especially after an order of protection has already been violated once since the initial arrests.

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