Joshua Dye Arrested. Just Because You Flee Doesn’t Mean You’re Free

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Joshua Dye was arrested on Monday for shoplifting – again someone thinking they can outsmart Kohl’s.

Though the arrest happened last week, the incident occurred the day after Christmas, 12/26/17. At about 2 PM on that day, Joshua Dye was at Kohl’s with two other associates. Dye chose two jackets from the display, and during the course of appearing to shop, eventually passed all points of sale and exited the store.

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Loss prevention attempted to restrain Dye, however he fled the area in his vehicle. The two jackets were valued at $110. Joshua Dye was taken into custody on 01/16/18, and charged with Theft. He was given a $1500 bond, and bonded out via Rader to his Virginia Ave address. He will return to court on 02/09/2018.


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