Kroger’s Star Employee Robs Them Blind | Antoinette Bradley Arrested.

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Antoinette Bradley was recently selected by Style Blueprint magazine as one of four ‘Faces of Kroger’ in a piece highlighting great Kroger employees that you instantly recognize and their personal profiles. What no one would realize until now, is that in the past five months, she cancelled 585 cash transactions on the register, and pocketed the $8,632.76 for herself.

It’s unclear why Kroger’s internal systems did not catch such a large amount of cancelled cash transactions, but she played the system since 08/20/17 with this scam of her employer. According to court records, the witness, Jeremy Cain, is the store’s loss prevention officer. He stated that from 08/20/17 until 01/18/18 Antoinette Bradley has canceled 585 cash transactions totaling $8632.76. Video of these incidents show that in these transactions the defendant would ring a sale for a customer and when the customer handed her cash, she would cancel the sale and use the “no sale function” to open the till.

Photo Credit: Grannis Photography

Antoinette Bradley would then place the money in the till and give the customer the change. Due to the sale being canceled each time, Kroger incurred loss as the sale was not completed. She was observed on video keeping the canceled transaction slips in her jacket pocket. At random times throughout her shift, Antoinette Bradley was observed removing the slips from her jacket and using a calculator to add all of the slips up. She would then go to the register with no customers present and use the “no sale function” to open the register. She was then observed removing various cash bills from the register and concealing the various cash bills onto her person.

Photo Credit: Grannis Photography

On Thursday, Cain called police to respond to the Kroger to have the defendant arrested for the theft. When police officers arrived to the location Antoinette Bradley walked away from police. She was directed to stop and to put her hands behind her back. The defendant refused to put her hands behind her back and resisted police officer’s efforts to physically put her hands behind her back and into handcuffs. Antoinette Bradley had to be directed to the ground by two officers to get handcuffs onto the defendant.

Antoinette Bradley is charged with felony theft & resisting arrest. She was booked into custody and released on the pre-trial program in lieu of a $6,000 bond. She will have an initial appearance on 01/09.

Here’s her bio provided to the magazine mentioned above:

Antoinette Bradley:  

Most folks recognize her bright red hair, but few likely know that she and her mother immigrated to the United States from South Africa on July 4, 1997. In her native country, she worked part-time as a singer as well as at Spar Foodliner, a large European grocer. After arriving in Nashville, she worked in promotions in the music industry, but eventually realized she needed more profitable work to help support her family. She worked at Parker’s Station on Centennial Boulevard for nine years while she started her family, which has since grown to include three children — a daughter and two sons. After working at several other businesses, Antoinette eventually took a position at Kroger Belle Meade in 2015, where she says she has finally found her place in retail. As a floor supervisor and customer service associate, Antoinette is also known as one of the store’s top cashiers. We asked a few questions to get to know Antoinette better.

What’s something your regular or repeat customers would be surprised to learn about you?

I was in the entertainment business, I write my own songs, and I play guitar.

 She was previously terminated from Harris Teeter, and has several outstanding debts for cash advance stores across the city.

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