Local Facebook Handyman Accused of Raping Child of His Client: Derek J Townsend ARRESTED

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On January 11th 2018, Derek J Townsend, 28, was hired to fix a plumbing issue at a residence in Goodlettsville. Below is is the ad that he has posted all over social media in local neighborhood groups and his own timeline. (This particular one was posted 2 days after the incident below).

While at the residence the suspect made several romantic advances towards the minor child (age 14) of the client,  and commented several times on how beautiful the minor child was, according to a police report filed overnight.

Townsend worked on the pluming for a while that evening, but eventually, he left the location and stated that he needed more supplies to finish the job. Derek Townsend showed up a few hours later, at around 1:30 AM, and called the minor victim’s cellphone to let him inside to finish the job. The minor child answered the door and found the defendant out by his truck. The minor child asked the defendant why he was there so late and the defendant replied that he was not there to work but was there for her.

According to court documents, Townsend then forcibly hugged and kissed the minor child and then forced her into a crawl space under the residence. He then forced his hand down the minor child’s pants and began rubbing her vaginal area. The defendant also exposed his penis to the minor child and began masturbating in front of her. Townsend then began kissing the minor child’s face and neck area and then digitally penetrated the minor child’s vagina.

After hearing commotion in the house, Townsend stopped the assault and told the minor child that he would return at a later time and then left the residence. The minor child stated that at no time did she give the defendant consent to touch her nor did she make any romantic advances towards the defendant.

Derek J Townsend, Jr., was taken into custody overnight, and has a bond set at $76,000. He has dozens of previous charges, of which the felonies below seem the most relevant:

Townsend will have a review hearing Wednesday morning.

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4 Thoughts to “Local Facebook Handyman Accused of Raping Child of His Client: Derek J Townsend ARRESTED”

  1. Nicki

    And now the whole community can read, in detail, what happened to the poor child…I feel for her…to have gone through this but now the shame she will feel because everyone knows…
    Just because you can report on it does not mean you should write every detail. Think of the person your writing about! If that was your daughter would you want everyone to know all those details??
    This world needs more compassion.

  2. Jeremy

    Readers know what rape means. Including a brief description of what happened without sexual details would have been more than sufficient. The graphic description of the rape itself is wildly inappropriate here in my opinion.

  3. Kat

    Not only is this way too much detail on an uncomfortable level, but why does he have her number? Why did she answer the strange call? Why did she answer the door and not get the adult of the house? Why go outside? Why not scream for the parents? This isn’t the whole story, aside from the too much inappropriate detail. I’ve been her age and horrible things can happen when you turn your brain off.

  4. Deanna

    Kat….why are those the questions?

    Stop blaming the actions of a 14yr old. You just run to blame the victim. Gross

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