Matthew Stuff – Assaults/Strangles Girlfriend & Slashes Her Paintings, per Police Report

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Matthew Stuff was arrested for Agg Assault/Strangulation & Vandalism on Wednesday after getting drunk and strangling his girlfriend after slashing her paintings, according to court records.

According to the victim, she was dating Matthew Stuff, and he was at her house on 01/18 when the events below happened. She reported the incident to police just after it happened, and Stuff was picked up on the warrant yesterday morning.

Per the police report, Stuff had been drinking and became beligerent and started to call her names while visiting at her house. He then grabbed a kitchen knife and slashed her paintings on the wall, before he grabbed the victim and put her in a chokehold. Once he had control of her, he brought her to the ground, got on top of her, and placed both hands around her neck and strangled her for approximately ten seconds, according to an affidavit.

The victim reports she had trouble breathing, was light headed, and had a headache after the assault. MNPD Observed visible injuries, including scratch marks and blood on her neck, and bruising on her neck.

The 4 slashed paintings were worth approximately $35 each. Stuff was booked into custody, where he was charged with assault/strangulation and vandalism. He posted a $7,000 bond via Bail U Out, after serving the mandatory 12 hour hold. He will appear in court on 02/06/2018.

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