Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown Slurs Fat People, Transgender People, Gay People, Among Others

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Nashville Firefighter Robert ‘Josh’ Brown has some very bold opinions – especially toward other humans. He has a lot to say about Fat people, gay people, transgender people, and even people who receive government assistance… even going as far as to indicate he doesn’t believe he has white privilege. That speaks volumes, coming from a middle-aged white man, who works for the government making good pay with year increases (2017: $56K/year | 2016: $51K | 2015: $49K), and has had his past criminal activities, such as assault, dismissed, despite being on camera with witnesses.

Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown

It’s not as if he hides that he’s a firefighter – a lot of his photos are of him with the NFD logo, and he mentions it in posts. So what if this guy with outspoken views on fat people, transgender people, gay people, those on government assistance, and others – showed up at your emergency? Did his mandated diversity training not have any effect? Some of these are as recent as this past week while interacting with the community on social media. Here’s some of the highlights. Let’s start with one of his many views on fat people which happened juts a few days ago on social media:

If you're a female and u weight more than 235 pounds then your complaint about food service in the area is irrelevant. You're probably gonna die from adult diabetes soon anyway.

He has a very view on why people are gay and transgender, apparently he believes it’s because they watched certain things, or played certain games, as children:

I never played Pokemon growing up because well... I'm not gay. We had GI Joe men, He-Men, Dukes of Hazard, The A-Team, and shit like that. Watching and playing with Teletubbies, Barney, Pokemon, and all the other weird sissy ass stuff they came out with is what led to transgender bathrooms.

As if those were not bad enough, this government employee, whose salary we all pay, does not believe in the first amendment right to burn a flag, and believes that if you are on government assistance, and exercise your constitutional right, you should have to sing for your supper, literally, to the government:

People still burning the American flag. Tellu what if I were in charge and you received any govt assistance it wouldn't be mailed to u U should have to show up to an office somewhere once a month to say the pledge of allegiance and sing the star spangled banner. Not knowing the words to either results in no free shit for that month. It's the least you can do. U will not bite the hands that feeds u.

Those are but a few of the comments made by this Nashville Firefighter. Here are some more, as well as the original screenshots sent to us of the comments as they appeared on social media. Here he indicated that he’s still waiting for the privileges of being white:

And where he continues to poke at the transgender issue, calling her by her previous male name, and photoshopping himself into the photo:

According to his bio, Brown began serving the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in 2003 in various roles including Corrections Officer, Transportation Officer, and Special Operations Response Team. As a member of the Special Operations Response Team, he was deployed to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2011 he joined the Nashville Fire Department as a Firefighter and EMT. Prior to this, he has “worked the door” at several downtown locations providing security for owners and patrons. Throughout his childhood and youth, he was a successful competitor in baseball, football, and wrestling. He serves also as a coach for youth football and baseball. Often, for the past several years he has won the 18-29 year old Black Belt Light Heavyweight Division at the Annual United States Eastern Wado Ryu Federation Tournament.

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17 Thoughts to “Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown Slurs Fat People, Transgender People, Gay People, Among Others”

  1. Kristin

    This is ridiculous. He’s a comedian and a good guy at heart. No one takes anything he says seriously because they are JOKES. He goes to work just like every one of us and I believe he has the right to have any opinions he wants about anything. This article is a low ball shark attack on a American citizen over his freedom of speech. How dare you bring up his “assault charge”! Maybe find out why that happened and you wouldn’t be so quick to throw it in the public’s face to condem him. Maybe instead of writing crap articles on comedians, write about how soldiers aren’t getting paid right now! That’s something worth the time you so ridiculously wasted writing this!

    1. deirdre

      nah. he’s a fucking douchenozzle.

  2. David Sheppard

    I’ve known him since was a young man, this is silly of the stalking reporter , what their agenda making a pay check! He’s a hard working straight up guy , just cutting up with his friends on Facebook period! Quit stalking Facebook go for real news like drud dealing and illegal immigrants! My opinion now start stalking me. Leave a good man alone

    1. East-NOT SO-Nasty

      I’ve known him my whole life, he’s never had an issue with telling people his thoughts or how he fills about certain things, which most of the time he’s doing it for laughs, but atleast you always know where he’s coming from. But I have an idea, you lap-top tough guy! How about you slather on some sun block and crawl out of that dark closet that keeps you so warm and safe and go find some of these people that you have all these opinions about and talk to them. Just take your thumb out of your mouth first. Good luck, closet troll.

  3. Madyson

    WTF kind of “reporting” did I just read???? NO ONE CARES, and if you are implying this man should lose his job,I at least can hope he’s better at saving lives then you are at writing news. Seriously. Go TF home…

  4. Charles

    He sounds like a normal White Male from this area. Sounds like guys I grew up around and he’s stating how he feels. He is being real saying what real people say, He is not politically correct which we don’t need more of. I rather deal with a 100 guys being real than one PC two face low life.
    Bruce Jenner s still a shock to many of us who viewed him as the All American Male. My generation had 2 big idols and athletic male hero’s. One was OJ Simpson and the other was Bruce Jenner. So unterdatand if we don’t all say that Katlyn Jenner is the Sports Person of the year etc, The things I see on here is what your average USA citizen is saying around friends, work etc. The things he said about being fat is true, I’m fat and trying to drink more water and be more active, Sounds like he had the moral courage and the selfish dedication that must of us admire in a man or woman.
    To a Liberal his views might be extreme-
    Nashville Firefighter Robert ‘Josh’ Brown has some very bold opinions – especially toward other humans. He has a lot to say about Fat people, gay people, transgender people, and even people who receive government assistance… even going as far as to indicate he doesn’t believe he has white privilege”
    These are the views the majority of the average men and women I know, These folks have College Educations, or teachers, Police, Accountants. Just because were not all on board of the Liberal, LGBT agenda that has made the USA a cesspool of moral corruption, His view is middle America.
    Josh your the guy who I want covering my Fat Back and in the fox hole when the bullets are flying. Thanks for what you do and have done for your community.

  5. Lisa Pruitt Tobitt

    Go JB leave him out of this dumb stuff everybody is entertaining Josh Brown is a hero to more people than the dumbasses that wrote this up. He is entitled to his own opinion. As is everyone else. Money hungry bastards!!!!

    1. buddy reid

      this is all b/s he is just being himself,he tells jokes and stories to make people laugh,he is just having fun and I am sure he means no harm,i for one am overweight but I don’t have any problems with his jokes and stories.people need to see it as it is just fun.if people are that sensitive maybe they should stay off facebook.and not read his stories. you go Josh Brown I enjoy your posts and rants and cant see why other people cant see them for what they are just good fun…

  6. JoshBrownForPrez

    I have known Jrosh for many years as well as members of his family. His father is an amazing man who has served our country for many years. His family have all served our country in some form. He has coached my son in baseball and teaches boys respect on and off the field. Yes, some of his stuff is crud and could be filtered, but it makes u laugh. Especially coming from a guy who witnesses tragedy and death with his job each week. Is it wrong to be light hearted and joke about issues that way us down on media or post his truth. I do believe that unfortunately this is an attack on someone’s character that is unjust. He may poke a joke, but he is the one you’d want pulling u out of burning building or car. He doesn’t discriminate. He saves lives.

  7. Miguel

    “As if those were not bad enough, this government employee, whose salary we all pay, does not believe in the first amendment right to burn a flag.”

    The snippet above tells me all I need to know about the writer. Poor moral values and a hypocrite.

    “I should be able to burn an American flag because of the first amendment, but he shouldn’t be able to speak his mind freely because it hurts my feelings.” Poor snowflake.

  8. Jjones

    Oustanding use of your investigate journalist skills. While not being a dedicated first responder, Josh has a whole personal life and through his satirical sense of humor helps us to remain grounded in What’s left of our now crybaby approach to life. I would however love to read more on the 2 beautiful souls cut down so young in the city’s latest tragedy. Do you know what these babies wanted to be when they grew up before their brother allegedly brutally murdered them? Oh wait, here’s one for ya…what is the latest update interpol has on the fugitive albertos Garcia that killed Christopher Walton in the still open home invasion homicide of August 2000? If you are needing to put your your foot on someone’s throat, please choose a better story than a man that just makes people laugh in a time where news reporting brings so many tears. #JoshForPresident lol

  9. Charles

    In the article the word “Bold Statements” is used. His statements are not BOLD but average in my opinion.

  10. Brown2020

    I guess freedom of speech and having an opinion these days is too much for you liberal nutbags. This whitchunt article only affirms that fact. Hide behind your journalistic privilege of anonymity coward. Josh Brown doesn’t. You yourself are a disgrace to your community. Save your hypocritical bullshi.. story. Worthless.

  11. IP Freely


  12. Britney griffin

    Well at least I got a good laugh for the day LOL. You have to love one someone assumes shit about another human being. Josh Brown is such a character. If you can’t handle his humor stay off his page

    1. Rachel Pegram

      This guy is awesome and his commentary is not serious! He even had a disclaimer on his Facebook!!! You must really have nothing else to write about instead of being a opertunist and troll!!!! Get a real job!!!

  13. Joshforpresident

    Everything he said was true, what’s the big deal?

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