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Nashville Firefighter Robert ‘Josh’ Brown has some very bold opinions – especially toward other humans. He has a lot to say about Fat people, gay people, transgender people, and even people who receive government assistance… even going as far as to indicate he doesn’t believe he has white privilege. That speaks volumes, coming from a middle-aged white man, who works for the government making good pay with year increases (2017: $56K/year | 2016: $51K | 2015: $49K), and has had his past criminal activities, such as assault, dismissed, despite being on camera with witnesses.

Nashville Firefighter Josh Brown

It’s not as if he hides that he’s a firefighter – a lot of his photos are of him with the NFD logo, and he mentions it in posts. So what if this guy with outspoken views on fat people, transgender people, gay people, those on government assistance, and others – showed up at your emergency? Did his mandated diversity training not have any effect? Some of these are as recent as this past week while interacting with the community on social media. Here’s some of the highlights. Let’s start with one of his many views on fat people which happened juts a few days ago on social media:

If you're a female and u weight more than 235 pounds then your complaint about food service in the area is irrelevant. You're probably gonna die from adult diabetes soon anyway.

He has a very view on why people are gay and transgender, apparently he believes it’s because they watched certain things, or played certain games, as children:

I never played Pokemon growing up because well... I'm not gay. We had GI Joe men, He-Men, Dukes of Hazard, The A-Team, and shit like that. Watching and playing with Teletubbies, Barney, Pokemon, and all the other weird sissy ass stuff they came out with is what led to transgender bathrooms.

As if those were not bad enough, this government employee, whose salary we all pay, does not believe in the first amendment right to burn a flag, and believes that if you are on government assistance, and exercise your constitutional right, you should have to sing for your supper, literally, to the government:

People still burning the American flag. Tellu what if I were in charge and you received any govt assistance it wouldn't be mailed to u U should have to show up to an office somewhere once a month to say the pledge of allegiance and sing the star spangled banner. Not knowing the words to either results in no free shit for that month. It's the least you can do. U will not bite the hands that feeds u.

Those are but a few of the comments made by this Nashville Firefighter. Here are some more, as well as the original screenshots sent to us of the comments as they appeared on social media. Here he indicated that he’s still waiting for the privileges of being white:

And where he continues to poke at the transgender issue, calling her by her previous male name, and photoshopping himself into the photo:

According to his bio, Brown began serving the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in 2003 in various roles including Corrections Officer, Transportation Officer, and Special Operations Response Team. As a member of the Special Operations Response Team, he was deployed to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In 2011 he joined the Nashville Fire Department as a Firefighter and EMT. Prior to this, he has “worked the door” at several downtown locations providing security for owners and patrons. Throughout his childhood and youth, he was a successful competitor in baseball, football, and wrestling. He serves also as a coach for youth football and baseball. Often, for the past several years he has won the 18-29 year old Black Belt Light Heavyweight Division at the Annual United States Eastern Wado Ryu Federation Tournament.

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