Nashville Stripper Mom Who Left Child in Car Has New DUI & Drug Charges

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You may remember Kelsey Teal McMurtry as the mom who left her child in the car while she auditioned at a strip club in Nashville (and again later for neglect with a second child supervision incident). She was arrested again this week in East Nashville.

McMurtry was arrested just before 6AM Wednesday morning, and charged with DUI, 2 counts of Possession for cocaine and marijuana, Open Container Violation, & Driving on Revoked License, 2nd Offense.

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According to court documents, Kelsey Teal McMurtry was driving an older van while at the Speedway on Gallatin Ave in East Nashville. The brake lights appeared to be turning on and off, so MNPD Officer Abbot followed the van, and noticed it was swerving from side to side, crossing the lane lines, and even striking the cub. A traffic stop was conducted and the officer spoke with the driver of the van, Kelsey McMurtry.

As the officer conducted the traffic stop, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from McMurtry’s breath and her eyes were bloodshot and watery. She was reportedly confused and had trouble following simple directions and tying her shoes when she was allowed to change into tennis shoes.  Officer abbot could see an open alcoholic beverage container in the van, and she had trouble standing. McMurtry was asked to perform SFST and numerous indicators of impairment were noted on the report. She would not complete HGN, refusing to keep her eyes focused on the stimulus.

McMurtry was taken into custody and a small plastic bag containing a 1 gram of a white powder, consistent with cocaine was located, along with 4 grams of marijuana. She was read the implied consent form and requested to submit to a blood test. She agreed, but became increasingly uncooperative at the hospital and after the blood test was complete.

Kelsey Teal McMurtry did not make bail , and took a plea deal in a short court date on Thursday. The plea dismissed the lesser charges if she immediately plead guilty to the DUI, which she did. She was sentenced to 48 hours in jail (31 hours had already been served between her arrest and her Thursday morning court date). She was assessed $792 in court costs, $350 in fines, and Judge Jones waived all costs for her required alcohol safety class.

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