The Murder of Davario Kendricks: Here’s What Happened…

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James E Moore, Jr. (23) was arrested for the murder of Devario Kendricks (20) late Saturday night. The murder occurred earlier Saturday morning. Here’s what happened, according to documents filed to support the arrest.

On Saturday morning at 8:41AM, MNPD officers were dispatched to 1511 Jefferson St to check on a white Nissan Maxima parked in a covered driveway. Upon arrival, officers found Davario Kendricks deceased from a gunshot wound.

There was video of the incident from inside the covered driveway, which shows the vehicle arriving in the early morning hours. Despite James Moore claiming there was another person at the scene, video of the incident shows only James Moore and the victim being present. Video shows a subject walking around the vehicle from the passenger side to the driver side of the vehicle.

ARRESTED: James Moore, Jr.

The same subject is then seen on video to open up the trunk and take something out, and walking away from the scene. Detectives spoke with the James Moore who admitted to being present at the time of the homicide, but states that there was another subject in the vehicle with them who shot the victim. He claimed to be in the rear passenger seat on the driver side when the front passenger shot the victim in the driver seat. That subject then told him to get out slowly. He claims he got out of the rear driver side and took off running. Video did not show that to occur. No other subject is seen on the video being present at the scene.

Victim: Davario Kendricks

James Moore was arrested for the murder of Davario Kendricks, and booked into custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department late Saturday evening. He has a $150,000 bond for the murder charge.

Moore had a prior charge for theft in 2014, and was also booked on 2 failure to be booked charges, for 2 citations including possession/casual exchange and paraphernalia. His first review hearing will be 01/09/18.

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