“There’s Weed In My Fanny Pack, Officer” – The Arrest of Dustin McCulley

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Dustin Wayne McCulley was arrested overnight in North East Nashville after telling officers “There’s weed in my fanny pack” during a traffic stop. #OnlyInEastNashville do we transport our marijuana in our fanny packs, unless it’s during fan fair week, am i right? (yes, it will always be ‘fan fair’ no matter what they are calling it now).

Around 10PM Friday night, MNPD Officers spotted a black four door sedan traveling near brick church pike, with only one headlight working. A traffic stop was conducted at Briley Pkwy, and as officers approached the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana could be smelled coming from inside the vehicle.

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Dustin McCulley was a passenger in that vehicle, and exclaimed that there was “weed in my fanny pack”. Upon searching the 29 year old’s fanny pack, officers found 5 grams of marijuana and half of a Xanax. Upon further search of Dustin McCulley, he also had 1 gram of cocaine on his person, and the other half of the Xanax in his seat.

Also found in the car was a glass pipe and an electronic scale. Since McCulley has 3 previous failure to appears in the past 5 years he was taken to jail instead of being issued a citation.

He was charged with Possession (x3), and paraphernalia. Bond was set at $3500, though he was released on the pre-trial program, and will have his initial appearance on 02/15/2018.

So, do you keep your weed in your fanny pack?


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