Tyler Blevins Arrested with 1.2lb Weed, Crack Cocaine, 87 Xanax, & Handgun

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Tyler Dean Blevins, a well known drug dealer in Nashville’s gay scene, was arrested overnight, after he was initially pulled over on a traffic stop for doing 65 mph in a 45 mph zone.  Blevins passed an MNPD officer while accelerating, and going from lane to lane, squeezing his vehicle into heavy traffic and turning into a two lane road as the officer approached him. He then got behind a city bus and crossed the center line to look around the bus to check for oncoming traffic, according to a police report. Blevins eventually stopped once the cruiser was directly behind him, stating that he knew he was about to be pulled over and admitted he had illegal items in his vehicle.

When the officer was speaking to him while he was still inside his vehicle for the traffic stop, a glass smoking pipe was in plain sight in the center console. The pipe was recovered with marijuana residue inside.

Tyler Blevins also admitted to having a large amount of marijuana and a gun in the vehicle. Inside a backpack, 542 grams (1.19 pounds) of marijuana was located inside the backpack, along with .5 grams of crack cocaine, a 9 mm Hi Point semi automatic handgun, $1170 in cash, and digital scales.

Blevins was arrested and placed into the back of a patrol car, and was the first person to be in the patrol car for the day, and it was searched prior to use, and was found empty. While Blevins was inside the patrol car, a bag of 87 white pills was discovered in the back floor, which were determined to be Xanax, and belonging to Blevins.

When asked about the drugs and cash, Blevins admitted he was not employed at any legitimate business, and the way the marijuana was bundled (in 3 separate bags) was because each bag was stronger than the previous one.

In addition to the above charges, Blevins only possessed a TN state ID, as his driver’s license is revoked. Blevins has previously had 8 drug charges, of which 6 were dismissed.

Here’s the charges:

  • CONT SUB, POSS W/INT, COCAINE .5G+ (Felony), $20,000 bond.
  • CONT SUB, POSS W/INT, MARIJUANA 14.175-4535G (Felony) $7,000 bond
  • CONT SUB, POSS W/INT, SCHEDULE 4 (Felony) $10,000 bond
  • DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, POSSESS (Misdemeanor) $1,500 bond
  • LICENSE, DRIVING ON REVOKED LICENSE (Misdemeanor) $1,500 bond

Blevins bonded out on a $60,000 bond via Grumpy’s to a Newington Cove address in Antioch. He will appear in court on 02/13/2018.

How exactly does one become a drug dealer to Nashville’s LGBT Community? Well, back in 2011, it started a little something like this:

Call / Text Kurt NOW! 615-479-0550

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5 Thoughts to “Tyler Blevins Arrested with 1.2lb Weed, Crack Cocaine, 87 Xanax, & Handgun”

  1. Jessica

    Well how the judicial system os set up he should get off with misdemeanors and probation. Or thats at least what happened in the case of charles ryan jackson that posessed crack heroin pot scales and a firearm. Or maybe thats just becasuse his dad bobby sory is a court officer (previously a sherrif in davidson co). The judicial system is rigged with favorism and corrupt.

    1. Kelsey

      And she speaks nothing but the truth. It’s sad! And don’t forget his probation officer who could care less what the hell he is doing that he shouldn’t be!!!

  2. Aaron Thomas

    Why do you finish this article by attempting to demonize the LGBT community and essentially embarass Tyler with personal photographs? He’s clearly paying for his crimes already. What’s the angle here?

  3. You retarded ass motherfucker. You got what you deserved. Anyone that thinks differently is equally fucking retarded.

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