AGG ROBBERY ARREST: Robert Carden & a $55,425 Icebox Custom K Crown & Chain

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Robert Carden was arrested on Tuesday morning, and charged with felony aggravated robbery. He is accused of robbing the victim, at gunpoint (and possibly drugging) of a 10 carat yellow gold ‘Icebox’ custom ‘K Crown’ pendant on a 10 carat yellow gold chain with diamonds. The combined value is $55,425.

According to the victim’s statement, on 01/27/18, the two were went from one club to another drinking together, eventually arriving up in Carden’s apartment complex, although he doesn’t remember how he got there. He doesn’t remember giving anyone his keys, and he doesn’t remember leaving the second bar of the night. He fell unconscious at some point and was woken up on the passenger side of the vehicle, and Robert Carden was attempting to take some of his belongings.

When he woke up, he started to struggle with Carden. Per the report, Carden then placed one hand on the victim’s throat in an attempt to choke him. At some point during the encounter, the victim saw the Carden pull out a chrome handgun and point it at him. Carden then grabbed the victim’s 10 carat yellow gold chain with diamonds (approx. $27,925) from the victim’s neck and took it. Attached to the chain was the victim’s 10 carat yellow gold “Icebox custom K crown” pendant with diamonds (approx. $27,500).

The victim then fell in and out of consciousness and woke up to two other unknown individuals taking various other items from him (more jewelry and cash). The victim believes that he was drugged which is the reason why he was in and out of consciousness.

Carden claimed via a phone call that he knew where the items were at but claimed he did not take it from him. He then gave a vague name of two people that may have the chain, but no details. Carden was arrested for aggravated robbery and given a $10,000 bond. He will appear in court on 03/09/2018.


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