Another Booster Busted: Shonterrica Gaines. She’s a runner! #BoosterClub

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On Thursday, Shonterrica Gaines was arrested on multiple charges after attempting to boost $789 worth of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret, but she was not about to go down without a fight. MNPD had to chase her the length of two football fields before she was taken into custody.

On 02/08/18, Shonterrica Gaines and a co-defendant (Sagovia McKenzie) were inside Victoria’s Secret when loss prevention observed them via security cameras loading items into plastic H&M shopping bags. The loss prevention officer followed the defendants out of the store and then the mall, as they exited with the unpaid merchandise via the Bed Bath & Beyond exit.

The MNPD officer told her to stop, and that she was under arrest, at which time Shonterrica Gaines took off running. She tried to get into a parked car, and the officer grabbed the bag of stolen clothing. Gaines pulled away, releasing the bag, and continued to run. She was chased for about 200 yards, at which time she was taken into custody without further incident.

Upon returning to the vehicle, officers noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the car, and conducted a probably cause search. Inside the vehicle was a magnet in the center console, used for removing security tags. On Gaines’ keychain was a metal hook, also used to remove security tags. When questioned, she stated she was stealing to “buy food and clothes for my kids”.

Gaines was charged with: Theft ($2500 bond), Evading Arrest ($2500 bond), Possession of a Merchandise Theft Tool ($2500 bond), and Resisting Arrest ($2500 bond). She bonded out on all four charges via Jenkins Bonding. She was already out on bail on two additional charges.

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