ARREST: Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan confesses to stealing over $10,000 from Walmart as CSM

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Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan, 60, confesses to stealing over $10,000 from a local Walmart (Dickerson Pike), where she worked as a CSM.

Per the affidavit, by the time police arrived to Walmart, Emma Dee Harlan had already provided a written confession to Walmart asset protection employees, who observed the theft on video.

Emma Dee Harlan was employed as a customer service manager at this location. On February 9, 2018 a CSM brought out a cash advance to the money center. The cash advance contained $7,500. Emma Dee Harlan can later be seen concealing a money bag under plastic bags and then going into a restroom. After Harlan leaves the restroom she later goes to the money office, where she can be seen removing the money bag, which appears empty, from her right front pocket.

Asset protection states that Harlan also stole money on two separate occasions on 2/5/2018 totaling $580. In Harlan’s written confession, she admits to stealing $10,300 from Wal-Mart. When interviewed she admitted to stealing money from the cash advance and cash drops, but she states that she does not know how much she took in total. The total amount of this theft reported for this charge is $8080. Read the police affidavit here.

Harlan posted a $7500 bond via Bond-U-Out and will appear in court on 03/09/2018.

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