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Rebecca Laux was arrested on Sunday, and charged with drug paraphernalia charges, as by the time MNPD officers arrived, she had used the drugs, and hidden the needles and a spoon inside her ‘private parts’ according to a MNPD affidavit.

The call for service came into MNPD Dispatch, as a female who was in the restroom of a Twice Daily gas station and has been in there for an extended period of time.

Once officers arrived, they made contact with Rebecca Laux, and she consented to a search of her person. During this search, MNPD Officers uncovered 2 needles and a spoon “hidden in Ms. Laux’s private parts”, according to the report.

Laux admitted the paraphernalia was hers along with a now empty baggie in her purse. In the restroom where she had been for a very extended period of time, officers found a glass case filled with 6 additional needles in the garbage can of the stall that Laux had been occupying. The garbage can also contained a 2nd spoon. She was taken into custody and charged with paraphernalia. She was given a $1500 bond and will have court on 02/23/2018.

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