ARREST: Sadie McCasland, Dumb Criminal.

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Sadie Jane McCasland was arrested Friday evening on an outstanding warrant from a January shoplifting incident – one where a former high school classmate was able to positively identify her as the person pushing a TV out of store that she didn’t pay for. #DumbCriminal.  Thanks to a tip, we got some actual photos of her on the day of the crime.

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The mistake that Sadie McCasland made – she tried to steal where people knew her! On 01/22/18, McCasland went to the Walmart on Gallatin Pk and went to the electronics section, where she chose a TV from the shelf, and loaded it into her cart. She then pushed that cart right past all points of sale without paying for the merchandise.

McCasland eventually fled the store, and left the area in her vehicle.

So, how as Sadie McCasland identified? She went to high school with with someone that works there, and positively identified McCasland as the person who just ran out the door with a TV.

McCasland is currently being held on a $3500 bond, and will have a review hearing on 02/05/18.


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One Thought to “ARREST: Sadie McCasland, Dumb Criminal.”

  1. Anonymous

    Sadie Jane McCasland was negative to a lot of people when I was in school with her. It isn’t difficult to believe that someone who attended school with her would help incriminiate her. If she wasn’t whoring herself around, she was giving everyone the stink eye. She believed herself prestigious, and she made sure everyone knew by saying terrible things about others. I’m sorry you, Sadie, are this way, but I am not sorry for what mistakes you have made. I do hope you are sorry. You never were the smartest…

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