ARREST: Scott Seveland – Drunk & drugs at Double Dogs, felony drug charge

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On Sunday night, Scott Seveland was at one of our favorite places, Double Dogs on Charlotte. The only problem was the he was intoxicated on at least one substance, and refused to leave – not even in Uber that he didn’t have to pay for. So last night, Scott Seveland took a trip to jail, where he was charged with not just public intox, but also with a felony for possession of contraband in jail – as he had controlled drugs on his person, that he refused to disclose. This isn’t his first trip for jail, but it will be the first one on his record, as he had his prior charged expunged from a December 2014 arrest. All he had to do was get in an Uber.

On 02/04/18 MNPD were first called to Double Dogs a regarding the Scott Seveland being too intoxicated, being rowdy, and refusing to leave. The manager called back to cancel after the Defendant said he would get an Uber and had appeared to leave the business.

However, he did not leave and came back inside. When he was asked to leave again about half an hour later, the manager even offering to pay for his ride, he refused, and when the manager tried to escort him out the Defendant pushed him, so he called MNPD again for assistance in removing him from the property.

The manager did not wish to prosecute for assault or trespassing, and was still willing to pay for the Scott Seveland’s ride if he would just leave. MNPD noticed Seveland was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and had an odor of an alcoholic beverage about his person. He was given there additional opportunities to leave at this point, and Seveland still refused. Due to the likelihood that he would return to the location if released, he was taken into custody.

Seveland was arrested for Public Intoxication. He was asked multiple times if he had anything illegal on his person and he said no. After he was turned over to the DCSO deputies at booking, they discovered six and a half Klonopin pills (schedule 4) and 3 Amphetamine pills, (schedule 2) secreted in the Seveland’s wallet.

He was charged with public intox (misdemeanor) and possession of contraband in jail (felony), and given a $4500 bond, and made bail via Grumpy’s. He will appear in court on 02/20/18.

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