Barry Creque (charged w/Sexual Exploitation of a Minor) was Part of Vacation Bible School w/Children [Video]

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On Monday we first published the arrest of Barry Creque for sexual exploitation of a minor, and that he was a frequent member of the Generation Changers Church in Nashville. Church member after church member, and friend after friend came to his defense, offering hundreds of thoughts and prayers on his Facebook page, and they all told us he was never around kids at church, and had zero interaction with them. Today, that all changed when we received dozens of videos of Barry Creque interacting with children for an entire week-long vacation bible school for children, at Generation Changers Church in June of 2017.

We were able to confirm through some family members that Creque has had an ongoing problem with child pornography for many years, even though he was just now arrested.

Several people sent us videos of him interacting with children at the church during last summer’s Vacation Bible School, despite prominent church member’s denials to any such interaction.  Here are some of the videos documenting he was there, filming videos for an entire week, with the children, at vacation bible school. Some of videos below were filmed by Creque’s phone and some even posted to his own social media.

Below is our Monday reporting of the initial arrest:

There is rarely a time that Generation Changers Church was open that you didn’t find Barry Creque, 46, there. He even recorded and broadcast services on his social media, for hours at a time. Years before that you’d find him as part of the Men’s Recovery Ministries at the Nashville Rescue Mission. On Saturday night (02/17) though, you’d find him in custody of Davidson County, charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.

Per the MNPD, on February 16, 2018, a search warrant was served at 5770 Old Hickory Blvd (Vista Inn) in Hermitage. During the execution of the search warrant MNPD spoke with the defendant, Barry Creque.

During the interview the Barry Creque allowed his LG cell phone to be viewed. In the screen shot folder of the Gallery, an officer found sex (6) sexual images of minor children. Five of the images are of nude prepubescent girls showing the lude and lascivious exhibition of their genitals or buttocks. Two of the images showing the minor females engaged in sexual activity as defined in T.C.A. Code 39-17-1002. In one of those two images a clothed minor female is putting her mouth on a erect penis.

The defendant admitted to knowing the images were on his phone and admitted to having a sexual attraction to underage girls. The defendant’s cell phone and other property will be submitted for a forensic examination and more charges are possible. ADA Tammy Meade was made aware of the interview and this warrant.

Creque, who lists his address as a weekly hotel, posted a $10,000 bond via Grumpy’s and was released Sunday afternoon, at which time he went back to posting biblical scriptures on his social media. He will appear in court on 03/06/2018.

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