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Markeida Mason was arrested (again) on Wednesday for shoplifting, making it her 29th related charge in the past 12 months.She’s extremely well known in the Nashville boosting community, and often resells the stolen items the same day in one of a few local shopping/booster groups that we’ve been observing for a few months now, sometimes even taking custom orders. She was recently observed telling her friends “I’m gonna be the one with the most warrants” as a sort of challenge of which of them would end up getting put behind bars first.

Wednesday’s arrest stems from a November 2017 theft, when Markeida Mason entered an AT&T retail store with two other people. Mason checked in with a store employee and gave her first name to the host. While waiting for assistance, she and the other two people grabbed 8 sets of Beats headphones and ran out of the store. The headphones had a total combined value of $2100. The store supplied video of the suspects and the Markeida Mason was identified as the one in the gray sweat suit that was pregnant at that time.

Mason posted a $3500 bond and was immediately back out to her old habits, according to her social media. Her initial court date for this one is 02/20/2018 and she has multiple felony charges pending for 03/29/2018.

In addition to today’s new charge, here’s what she currently OPEN, awaiting trial/settlement, just in Nashville:


Kohl’s: Theft of Merchandise- $1,000 or less

Mason was observed in the store and is on video taking clothing, removing the tags and placing them up underneath her shirt and below her bra. Loss prevention did not want a physical altercation with her so she was approached in the store and the defendant dropped all the clothing from under her shirt and cart and left the store before police arrived. At this time she was with Sandora A. Marsh.

Old Navy: Theft of Merchandise- > $1,000 but < $2,500

Markeida M Mason was observed entering Old Navy. Mason chose from the shelves approximately $1,500 worth of “toddler/youth full” clothing outfits and placed them into Old Navy shopping tote bags. She then passed all points of sale without attempting to pay for the merchandise. When approached at the front door of the location when attempting to flee the location, the juvenile co-defendant (positively identified from a photo line-up) threatened the listed witness by stating, “Bitch, if you come here, I’ll mace you…if you take another step, I’ll beat your ass!” The defendants then fled the location in a white 2012 Chevrolet Malibu registered to the sister of the defendant, Erikka Nolan, which is known to be used by all (3) subjects in numerous retail thefts throughout Davidson County. The defendants were positively identified via video footage provided by the victim, and a photo line-up presented to the listed witness.

Party City: Theft-Merch.u/$500

Markeida M Mason, and her juvenile co-defendant, are observed entering Party City together. Once inside the location, Mason went to the front counter and asked for an application for employment. Meanwhile, her co-defendant placed (2) helium tanks valued at approximately $40 into a shopping cart. The co-defendant was observed watching Mason while she repeatedly asked the employees at the front counter for assistance with the application. When the workers were distracted, the co-defendant then pushed the shopping cart past all points of sale without attempting to pay for the merchandise. The co-defendant then fled the location in white Chevrolet Malibu, believed to be that registered to the sister of the defendant, Erikka Nolan, and known to be used by all (3) individuals in multiple retail thefts in Davidson County. When the defendant observed that Loss Prevention personnel were alerted and stood outside the location waiting for the vehicle to return to pick her up, she finally exited the location walking down the sidewalk and away from where the suspect vehicle had driven. The entire incident was captured via video surveillance equipment within the location. Mason and her co-defendant were positively identified via the video footage provided by the victim.

Target: Theft of Merchandise- $1,000 or less

Markeida M Mason, and her co-defendant, Sandora Marsh, went to Target. The two defendants then proceeded to the infants clothing department where they were observed removing from their hangers, folding, and then concealing approximately $405 worth of merchandise in the purses they carried on their person. The defendants then exited the business passing all points of sale without attempting to pay for the concealed merchandise and fled the fled the location in the white 2012 Chevrolet Malibu registered to Erikka Nolan, the sister of Markeida M Mason. The entire incident was captured via video surveillance equipment located within the location. The defendants are known shoplifters at retail clothing stores in Davidson County and were positively identified via the video footage supplied by the victim.

Old Navy: Theft of Property- >$1,000 but < $2,500

At Old Navy on Gallatin Pk N, there were 4 suspects involved in a shoplifting in progress call – it was Markeida Mason and 3 juvenile females. They had also just shoplifted at the Babies R Us nearby. At Old Navy, loss prevention observed Mason using a tool to bypass security devices on items from the store, and concealing them. She then bypassed all points of sale, and was taken into custody outside the store. Old Navy loss was $1,137

Saks Off Fifth: Theft of Merchandise- $500 or less

Markeida Mason entered the Saks Off Fifth located at Opry Mills with 2 other females. Mason and a juvenile co-defendant selected items from the Affliction brand area of the store. She folded a pair of jeans and concealed them inside a yellow Forever 21 bag. She then hands the bag to her co-defendant who concealed a pair of jeans inside the bag. The co-defendant then held the bag open and the defendant concealed 2 more pairs of jean and a shirt inside the bag. The defendants exited the store and got into a silver vehicle that was waiting in the fire lane in front of the location. The 5 items totaled $320.00

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