Carl & Amanda Light Arrested for Child Neglect… “cockroaches and bedbugs covering the walls”

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Carl Light & Amanda Light remain jailed this morning on 2 counts each of ‘Child Neglect <8’ & ‘Child Neglect 9-17’. Amanda Light has a $3500 bond, and Carl Light as a $5000 bond.

Just before 2AM on Saturday morning, MNPD responded to 622 Rivergate Pkwy (America’s Best Value Inn) in reference to a call for service about possible drug activity. On arrival officers knocked on the door, and a 12 year old boy answered the door. Also inside the room was an 8 year old boy – no parent or guardian was immediately present, they were alone in the middle of the night inside a shady hotel room.

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Officers observed the room was filthy. The floor was only visible for about two feet which led into mounds of trash and dirty clothing covering the floor. There was dirt and grime on almost every surface in the room. There were cockroaches and bedbugs covering the walls.

When he was located and interviewed, Carl Light stated that he and his wife had been very busy and that cleaning the room had gone by the wayside for a while. He was placed the defendant in custody for child neglect. He stated that his wife, Amanda Light, was at work across the street at 621 Rivergate Pkwy.

Officer Farrell then drove to that location to speak with Mrs. Light about what was found at the room. After being advised of her miranda rights, she stated that the room had only been “significantly dirty” since around Christmas. She also stated that the bugs had been present for over a year. Due to knowingly subjecting the children at the location to such conditions that would adversely affect the welfare of both children the defendant was also placed in custody for Child Neglect.

They will have a bond review hearing on 02/13/18.

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