Dear ‘Mark Lyle’ Aartun, please STOP driving | #ARRESTED

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Some people just can’t take ‘NO’ as an answer. Like when they assault & steal from their boyfriend, or when the state takes away their driving privileges. Mark Lyle Aartun is one of those people. He was in jail, once again this weekend, because he can’t stop driving.

Mark Lyle’s Car / Mark Lyle Aartun

Since he ‘forgets’ it’s suspended, here’s a review:

  • 10/29/2014 – No Driver’s License
  • 02/12/2017 – No Driver’s License
  • 03/24/2017 – No Driver’s License
  • 05/26/2017 – No Driver’s License
  • 02/05/2018 – No Driver’s License
  • 02/09/2018 – Suspended License, 2nd Off

Last Monday (02/05) Mark Lyle Aartun got a state citation for driving on a suspended license in East Nashville. Shouldn’t have been a huge deal – show up for court, and take an uber/lyft/bike going forward. Mark Lyle didn’t heed that advice. Instead, on Friday (02/09) he got pulled over yet again – wait for it… with a suspended license. He tried to play it off like he wasn’t aware.

Per police reports, Aartun was observed driving a Volkswagen Beetle with a missing tail light and a traffic stop was initiated. When the he was asked for his driver’s license, he provided a Tennessee license and stated, I THINK it may be revoked. Upon a check through the state computers, it was revealed that the defendant’s driver’s license status is suspended. The defendant also stated he was issued a misdemeanor state citation for driving on a suspended license in East Nashville on 02/05/2018. (Warrant number: SCE273128)

Verify this story here:

The officer determined that there is a reasonable likelihood that the offense will continue due to the short time frame between the defendant’s last misdemeanor state citation for the same offense and today’s incident. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to booking without incident.

He will appear in court on 03/02/2018.

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