DUI w/Child ARREST: Hannah Tart

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Hannah Tart was arrested late Wednesday night, after she was found stopped in her vehicle on the roadway with 2 minor children (ages 1 & 5), and open container of Jack Daniel’s, an open beer, and an admission to drinking half the 375 ml bottle (equal to 4 shots) of whiskey prior to driving.

From the affidavit:

Hannah Tart was observed sitting in her vehicle stopped on the road on McGavock Pike along with her minor children ages 1 and 5. An open container of Jack Daniels was observed in the center console cup holder, and a can of beer was also found open behind the driver’s seat.

Officers observed the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her expelled breath and observed she was unsteady on her feet. At one point, she reached for an officer’s arm to steady herself. She showed multiple clues on the SFSTs and was taken into custody without incident. She agreed to a blood draw, and under miranda, admitted to drinking “half” a 375 ml bottle of whiskey prior to driving.

Tart is charged with DUI w/a Child, Child Endangerment, & Open Container violation. She is currently held on a $5500 bond, and has a review hearing this morning.

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