#EastNashville Kroger Cashier Arrested for Stealing $2,010 – Cdarria Thompson

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Cdarria Thompson, a cashier at Kroger in East Nashville was arrested on Monday on a felony charge for theft / gift card fraud.

Per an MNPD affidavit, Cdarria Thompson has been working at the East Nashville Kroger location for the past 11 months. According to Kroger records she began ringing up giftcards on her register, generally for $25 each, and activate it, but never put any money for it in her register, giving her a gift card with $25 of value, but the store never got paid for it.

Since November 4th, Cdarria Thompson did this gift card fraud enough times to steal approximately $2010.00 from Kroger. Once loss prevention took her into custody this week, they notified metro to prosecute. She wrote out a statement and gave a verbal confession to loss prevention. At the time of her arrest, she had two Kroger gift cards in her pocket.

Thompson was charged with felony theft, and bond was set at $5,000. She was released via pre-trial, and will appear in court on 02/23/18.

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