Kennda Towle Steals $1,100 Deposit from The Rusty Nail – ARRESTED

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Kennda R Towle was at The Rusty Nail into the early hours of the morning. Just after 3AM she was seen on video stealing a bag that contained the deposit for that night – containing $1100 in cash. So, Kennda, where’s the money?

MNPD responded to a call for service on 02/03/2018 at 0344 to The Rusty Nail. Upon arrival MNPD made contact with the victim who stated that on 02/01/2018 between 0317 and 0320 the defendant was seen on video taking his gray back pack off of the bar counter and concealing it. Inside that backpack was the nightly deposit.

Kenneda Towle without permission then left the bar with the backpack. When the victim viewed the recording he called the defendant and told her he wanted the bag back. She returned the bag to the victim but the $1,100.00 cash deposit from the bar was missing from the bag.

The defendant was read her rights and agreed to answer questions. The defendant stated that she did take the bag from the bar, but she believed it belonged to someone else, and does not know where the money went. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to booking. Towle was charged with felony theft, and was released on the pre-trial program. Her court date is 02/23/2018.

Kenneda’s boyfriend then posted this on social media, regarding the incident:

So, Kennda, where’s the money?

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9 Thoughts to “Kennda Towle Steals $1,100 Deposit from The Rusty Nail – ARRESTED”

  1. Ej

    If anyone is regarding this post as a lie or inaccurate I say video doesn’t lie. People do. This blog is exactly what happened and I am looking for reasons NOT to press charges. I gave many chances to NOT press charges. I’ve treated these people like family and everyone at The Rusty Nail is heartbroken and in shock to be honest. In fact this would have never gone to the police had I gotten that money back. Only because it was a very careless move on my part. But to steal it from someone they know and take advantage of someone’s kindness, I mean in the video it’s so Crystal Clear that some of the moves they made to conceal the bag while I was clearly looking for it was mind blowing. It’s easy to become irate but in the end giving someone the opportunity to make things right is the best plan always. Not just because of the money but because I would like to believe that people are bad. People situations can bring out the worst in people but I’d like to believe that they aren’t bad people. I gave them every opportunity to tell the truth and make it right with me even as we sat with the police, and them saying I don’t believe a word of what you’re saying ma’am now is the time to tell the truth, and me begging her to not make me do this to her she still decided to lie. That calls for the Judgment of someone’s character. That’s what’s heartbreaking. Is that this piece of shit fooled me and befriended me to steal my property. That’s mind blowing. I’ve had to make that deposit for the bar with my own money. And to think that somewhere in they’re pea-brain they had a right to take my money and cry and bitch that they didn’t is psychotic in my opinion. So if anyone reading this has any doubt, because quite frankly I couldn’t believe it either, I will be posting that video. Thank you for your time, EJ

    1. Rowdy

      I think you should post the video regardless. If anyone has doubts as to the validity of your claim, the video should surely remove them! I wasn’t there and have no idea who she is but I’ll say this regarding any situation involving theft… A thief is a thief is a thief… PERIOD! And as much as I’ve been stolen from, by those closest to me, I have zero tolerance for anyone who takes from others.

    2. ENN Staff

      we’re happy to host the video

      1. Ej

        Maybe so…ul have to edit but why not. How do I get it to u

    3. Kyle brust

      Where’s the Vid Pinky?

    4. Kmmy

      Our friend was taken advantage of because of her innocent nature. I hate that this happened. Yes she took the bag. That’s on video. No denying it. Why she took it, is not on video, but you know, as well as I do, that she would never intentionally hurt anyone. Repeatedly posting the same crap to disparage such a kind soul will come back on you. Let God/karma/court sort it out. I just can not believe that the sweet, childlike girl, whom we both know, would hurt you. She’s cried enough tears already, for what happened, and for losing you as a dear friend. Please just stop.

  2. Ej

    Isn’t it so easy to say your intentions or good? Isn’t it though? Yeah there’s a video of her taking the bag. You think that’s all the video shows? Course not. She’s crying because she got caught. He’s pissed off because she got caught. Each claiming the same thing I had nothing to do with it I would never steal anything from you blah blah blah blah but the fact is they’re both a couple of caught thieves, and I should feel bad because she didn’t mean to take my bag are you fucking serious? I should feel bad for her? Do you think I have it easier than she does? So are you saying that somebody who is childlike obligation to take property from somebody else with no consequences? I’ve done plenty of things wrong that I’ve cried about when I got caught but believe me I cried never when I didn’t get caught. So save it

  3. Ej

    And another thing, you weren’t there shit for brains. I’m not saying she’s not a nice girl. So sad such a sweet child like girl would never do anything like that. That is the most dumbest uneducated and completely predictable comment coming from you who clearly is in the circle but believe me you’re alone. Because although it shocking as it is and it is shocking, she did it and in my opinion her boyfriend is a coward because I can just short a read their fucking lips in that video where they planned and carried out the theft of my property all along hiding it from me when my back was turned and distracting my attention with compliments as the other hit the bag. I’m not doing this to get my money back and I don’t care that you think it’s a question of whether or not I had the money in there. And yes I know who this is because you are alone you dumbass. No one no one all those shocked thinks I’m wrong and she’s a victim you’re retarded probably raised by other retards. Get a grip. I gave her every opportunity to tell the truth and I’m going to give it again and I really really really hope the editor reaches out again as he did prior to your dumb reply to give a statement and why she hasn’t why he hasn’t is clearly an indication of guilt in my opinion but again it’s just my opinion what’s not an opinion is the fact that those people who are my friends stole money from me because although the bag was returned the money was not. Which did not belong to me and should have never been in the bag to begin with. So you can imagine when the bag was missing the first thing on my mind was holy shit that money was in there. You weren’t there as I threw up in disgust because the bag was returned without the deposit and you want to take up for her fuck you fuck her and fuck every dishonest fucking person on the planet you people make me sick and should probably hang yourselves with lies you tell on a daily basis fuck off

  4. Kmmy

    You work in what is known as the biggest dive around, and left the entire night deposit unattended? You should have been fired on the spot for being incompetent. You say you didn’t, but how did they get your bag unless you did? Anytime I’ve ever been in that dive, I keep a hand on my purse, or leave it in the car, because of all the addicts and drug dealers who frequent the place.

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