Lawanda ‘Dashay’ Givans Arrested. Member of the #BoosterClub

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Lawanda ‘Dashay’ Givans, a very well known shoplifter and booster, was arrested Thursday night in Nashville, not for any of the many huge shoplifting grabs she’s made and has pending, but she got picked up at a Kroger, of all places. She’s walked out withr over $4K in merchandise at places before, but last night $88 got her arrested. That’s what happens when you get cocky, because you haven’t been caught in a few months. Has she lost her touch?

This is her 36th charge. Previous charges range from vandalism, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, credit card fraud, theft, identity theft, drug possession, resisting arrest, burglary of a motor vehicle, multiple assaults, and criminal impersonation.In fact, at this moment, she us under court order to stay away from Tangeletta Clark, and to live with her grandmother, and has to attend GED & Job readiness programs. She is frequently found to be with Clark, despite the order.

On Thursday evening, Lawanda Dashay Givans was in a Nashville Kroger, when officers received a call that loss prevention had a shoplifter in custody. As seen on the security video, Givans came into the store, and went to the Hallmark aisle and picked up a pink gift bag.

Givans then filled the bag with $88.28 of merchandise and walked to the self checkout and proceeded through all points of sale without paying for the merchandise. She then turned around and walked back toward the self-checkout as she realized she was caught, and she was taken into custody.

She posted a $2500 bond via Free At Last and will appear in court on 02/22/2018. This charge will like have an impact on several previously retired charges, due to the short time since.

Previously she’s been arrested for theft on such instances as last year when Givans and Tangaletta Clark came into Entrepreneur Clothing on Ewing Drive & proceeded to the Rock Revival Jeans, stacked up a pile and when the clerk was behind the counter, they grabbed an armful of jeans and fled the business without making payment. The business determined there were 20 pair of jeans stolen with a value of over $4,000.00. The defendant was identified by photo lineup.

So, as you can see, she has certainly come to a new low of getting caught stealing $88 from a Kroger. What happened, Lawanda? Perhaps you’re just not cut out for this life anymore. Maybe your days of boosting are over?

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