Mayor Barry’s lover made 197% of his base salary in 2017

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The official 2017 Earnings for Metro Employees data was released today, here are the final numbers for Mayor Megan Barry‘s love interest, Robert Forrest, Jr. He made 197% of his metro salary in 2017 – nearly double! The fiscally responsible city would have simply added a detail member to work those overtime hours at regular pay, saving the city tens of thousands of dollars a year, instead of letting 1 person work all those Overtime hours, because he is the lover of the mayor.
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2 Thoughts to “Mayor Barry’s lover made 197% of his base salary in 2017”

  1. Jeff Miller

    Someone should ask the question: “Was Forrest getting paid while he was fornicating with the Mayor?”

  2. Donald Duck

    Conduct unbecoming a metro employee! Period !

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