Mayor Megan Barry’s Nudes – Detailed descriptions of 2 recovered photographs

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In a late-breaking story today, it was revealed in a search warrant that the TBI has 2 nude photos of Mayor Megan Barry in it’s possession – recovered from the phone of her lover, with whom she had an affair, Robert Forrest. Here are the details of those two photos, since the actual photos are covered by an exemption to the open records law in Tennessee, under the TBI.

Portions of the search warrant describe the photos in detail, including how they came to the conclusion they are likely Mayor Barry:

  • The 1st photo (IMG_1183.jpg) is of a nude female lying on a bed with a black purse beside her, taken on 05/15/17 at 4:29 PM.
  • The 2nd photo (IMG_2013.jpg) is of a woman’s vagina exposed through black pantyhose with what appears to be a black dress or skirt, pulled up above the waist of the woman. This was taken 10/18/17 at 3:39 PM.

Here is the black outfit she was photographed in, 4 hours after the above photo was taken:


Mayor Barry released a statement, which says, in part:

“The allegations of photos taken of myself are very troubling and infuriating if true. While I have not seen the photos in question, if they were of me, they were taken without my knowledge or permission and a complete invasion of my privacy.”

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6 Thoughts to “Mayor Megan Barry’s Nudes – Detailed descriptions of 2 recovered photographs”

  1. Alex

    Well, if you are going to show it, might as well be full exposure…

  2. Berry Manillo

    So does this mean that the Mayor is going to go after her lover for taking unauthorized nude pics of her? Isn’t that a crime?

    1. Hugh Jass

      It wasconsensual. She is lying and it happened while tax payers were paying both of them. She is a whore and she is gone.

  3. Diane

    What idiot wrote those descriptions? A vagina is INSIDE the body. It would take a speculum and a light to expose a vagina.

    1. Janice Phillips

      Could be that the mayor’s vagina is so big that its also on the outside too.

  4. Janice Phillips

    I had heard that TBI has at least six images of the mayor receiving facials and wearing chinsicles.

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