“Painting with a Twist” Owner Alec Rains gets too ‘twisted’ – Public Intox Arrest

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Alec Raines, owner of Hendersonville’s “Painting With A Twist” was arrested in Nashville around 3AM on Saturday morning, and charged with public intoxication.

According to the MNPD, on 02/24 they responded to a report of a male who was so intoxicated that he was having a hard time trying to walk down the street. Upon arrival, contact was made with Mr. Raines, who had the smell of alcohol coming off his person and breath, per officer Cronin.

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Alec Raines was unable to speak in complete sentences to officers, and was not able to stand on his own. Raines was unable to tell the MNPD who he was, where he was, or where he was trying to go. At this point, officers decidd it would be in the best interest of his safety, the safety of others, and of property, that he be custodial arrested for public intoxication.

Raines was booked into custody at 3:30 AM Saturday morning.

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