Staci Barkley Assaults B/F When He Won’t Return Oral Sex On Her – ARRESTED

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Staci Barkley, 38, was arrested on Saturday in East Nashville when she assaulted her boyfriend of 13 years because he would not return the favor of oral sex. According to court records, she assaulted him, kicked him, smashed glass and cut him, before the police were called, at which point she was taken into custody and faces her first criminal charge, all because he wanted to sleep instead of giving her oral sex.

The call for service came into MNPD just after 5 AM Saturday morning to a Golf St residence in East Nashville. When police interviewed the victim, her boyfriend, he stated that had been out late Friday night, and on the way home he was driving and Staci Barkley was giving him “oral pleasure” on the way home.

Once they arrived back to their East Nashville home, Staci stated that she wanted her boyfriend to perform oral sex on her in return for what she did on the way home. The victim told her that he wanted to go to sleep, and wasn’t going to be intimate tonight any further.

He laid down on the bed to prepare for sleep, and Staci began to be verbally aggressive, which she quickly turned physical. According to the report, she began kicking him while he was laying in bed, and then smashed a piece of glass and cut him with it. Officers did observe an injury to his left shoulder.

Staci Barkley was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault. She posted her bond via Free At Last, of $1500, and served the mandatory 12-hour domestic violence hold. She will return to court on 02/12/2018.

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